Sony Vaio Operating System Not Found: How to Fix

As with any PC, the Sony Vaio computer comes with an operating system. But due to some issues, this part of the laptop might not work as expected. As a result, you might end up with an “Operating System Not Found” message.

Don’t be scared. After all, there are several ways to fix this problem. Besides, these solutions are listed in this article. So if you have this problem, you can use this post as a guide for setting things on track.

sony vaio operating system not found

Sony Vaio Operating System Not Found: Possible Solutions

Do you have issues with your Sony Vaio system? If yes, you can use the following hacks to make things better. But before using our tips, we advise that you

1. Take Out the Accessories

As soon as your computer sends an “Operating System Not Found” message, you will have to remove any external devices. Such items can include keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. After removing these devices, reboot the PC and check if the problem continues.

2. Remove the Media

Do you have any removable media attached to your Sony Vaio system? Are you still having the ” Operating System Not Found” message on your PC? If the answer to both questions is YES, then it would help if you disconnected such devices from your PC. Then reboot the system to check if the issue has stopped.

3. Try a Reset

If you still have problems with your Sony Vaio PC, then it might be time to try a reset. To get started,

  • Switch on and switch off ( as the Windows logo shows) your PC thrice. At the third attempt, the Advanced Recovery menu will open.
  • Select Advanced Options – Troubleshoot – Reset this PC – Keep My Files
  • Select your account
  • Input your preferred password and
  • Click Continue – Reset

4. Try System Restore

With the System Restore option, you can take your computer to an earlier time before the “Operating System Not Found” System issue started. To use this option,

  • Switch on and switch off ( as the Windows logo shows) your PC thrice. At the third attempt, the Advanced Recovery menu will open.
  • Select Advanced Options – Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – System Restore
  • Reboot the system to check if the problem has stopped

5. Repair the System

According to experts, this method of fixing such a problem has a high chance of working. But before getting the best results, you should use the following steps:-

  1. Insert the Windows OS CD into the computer
  2. Open BIOs by pressing F2+ F12 + Delete buttons to launch the BIOs setup.
  3. Navigate the page and click on Repair Your Computer.
  4. Launch the Command prompt
  5. Input diskpart and list volume
  6. Check for your system volume for your installed Windows
  7. Type select volume ### and choose volume 3
  8. Type and enter exit twice
  9. Restart the computer

6. Fix the MBR error

Supposing the PC error continues, you will have to rebuild the MBR on the system. To use the method on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7,

  1. Start the computer with Windows Installation CD/DVD
  2. Select Repair Computer – Recovery Option – Command Option
  3. Type the following commands into the prompt
  • Bootrec.exe /scanos 
  • Bootrec.exe /FixMbr
  • Bootrec.exe /FixBoot
  • Bootrec.exe /rebuidbcd

7. Get Some Repairs

If the ” Operating System” Message still appears on your Sony Vaio PC, then it is time to think about repairs. But instead of trying any store, it would help if you used the Sony Support Store. Asides from offering you the best advice for fixing different Sony products, this service provides repairs for Sony Vaio PCs. You can reach this service via mail, telephone, or the Sony Support App.


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