Switch AC Adapter Not Working: How to Fix

After hours of using your Nintendo Switch, you decided to charge it. But when you plug in the adapter to a power outlet, it does not work.

However, you are not alone. According to some users, the adapter for Nintendo Switch can develop issues for several reasons. When it has these problems, it becomes impossible to charge or power up the gaming system.

Now, are there any solutions for a non-working Switch adapter? Well, check through our post and try some of our ideas for solving this problem.

switch ac adapter not working

Switch AC Adapter Not Working? Try These Fixes

Although we have come up with the best solutions for a bad adapter, we recommend that you check the owner’s manual for extra advice. Now here are some tips for handling a faulty adapter.

1. Check the Power Source

Before working on your adapter, check the wall outlet that offers power to it. After all, a bad power outlet might make you think that you have a faulty switch adapter.

Start by disconnecting the adapter from the outlet and plugging in other devices. If these items work, then you might have a faulty adapter. But if the items remain inactive, then you should get a new power outlet.

2. Perform a Hard Reset

Sometimes, a hard reset is perfect for working on the Switch adapter. Supposing you want to use this solution, hold the power button for a few seconds.

As soon as a menu appears, choose the Power Options and then select Turn Off. Wait for 10 seconds before turning on the gaming system.

3. Check the Manual

Instead of dumping your manual in the trash, save it for future purposes. After all, this piece of literature is an ideal source of information for troubleshooting the Switch Adapter.

Supposing you keep your manual, you can whip it out and look for possible fixes for a non-working adapter. But if you cannot find your copy, you can download an online version.

4. Prepare the Best Connection

As you use the adapter, ensure that it’s properly fixed into the port. Also, insert the plug of the adapter securely into the wall socket.

You should look out for a tangled cable. If you find one, loosen it to avoid any damage.

5. Clean the USB Port

Dirt and debris might look fairly harmless on the Nintendo Switch. But if they gather at its USB port, a connected adapter will not work.

You can remove the mess with a cotton wool-covered toothpick. As you clean the port, use gentle strokes to keep the charging pins from damage. Also, resist any urges to use metal objects or compressed air to take out the dirt.

6. Charge the Battery

If a battery is dead, it takes time for the adapter to power it up. To handle this problem, plug in your charger and leave it overnight.

In the morning, check if the console comes on. If it stays dead, then you have a bad switch adapter.

7. Repair the Adapter

Does your adapter cable look torn? Are there any cracks on the adapter or bent pins?  If yes, it would help if you took the adapter for repairs. Instead of taking the DIY route, reach out to the Nintendo Technical Support service.

8. Get a New Adapter

Supposing our tips do not work, you might have to spend some cash on a new adapter. If you are not sure of the right place to get a replacement, check out trusted online marketplaces. You can also contact Nintendo customer support for a list of authorised dealers.

How to Take Care of Your Switch Adapter

Although there are several ways to fix a bad adapter, you might avoid all the work by taking proper care of the adapter. Now here are some tips that can help with this task.

1. Provide Enough Ventilation

Do not cover the vents on the AC adapter. By using this tip, the device receives enough airflow to cool down the power supply. In the end, the device will offer optimum performance.

2. Do Not Manhandle the Adapter

Resist the urge to swing the adapter by its cable. Furthermore, do not wrap the cable around your fingers or any other object. With these tips, the adapter will last longer than expected.

3. Keep the Adapter from Moisture

Keep the Switch Adapter from all types of liquids including water. As with most electrical devices, such exposure can lead to damage and accidents.

4. Avoid Heat

Extreme heat might also affect the performance of your switch adapter. For this reason, it is expected that you use the adapter under cooler conditions.

5. Use Original Adapters

Fake chargers tend to last shorter than genuine models. Besides, such devices can damage the console and its battery. So as you get a charger for the Switch, stick with genuine models.