Switch Joycon Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

If you notice that your Switch Joycon is not charging, there is no need to panic. It could be a minor issue that will only require some patience. When fully drained, the Switch Joycon will require some time to turn on. Just wait a few minutes and see if comes on. If it doesn’t then you can go ahead to try the fixes in this piece. In the meantime, you want to avoid fully draining the battery as this will make it more difficult for the device to charge.

There are several ways to troubleshoot the Switch Joycon not charging, which have all been listed in this article. Some fixes only require some patience while others would cost you some bucks.

Switch Joycon Not Charging: Common Causes

switch joycon not charging

Poor connection between the switch Joycon and the Console

For the Switch Joycon to charge, it has to be properly connected to the console. You might want to check if the Joycon feels loose when connected to the sides of the Nintendo Switch. The metallic contacts of the sides of the console and the controller must meet properly for the controller to charge. All you need to do is move the controller in another direction while attached to the console. This should get the controller charging again.

Water Damage

Unfortunately, the Switch Joycon is not water-resistant so dropping it into a bowl of water or having it come in contact with liquid or moisture could lead to problems. If your Joycon gets wet, switch them off immediately and ensure the system shuts down fully. You need to air dry them for a few minutes to prevent any serious hardware malfunction. If you’re lucky and the water didn’t seep inside, the device should work just as well without requiring any repairs.

Software Issues

While most Switch Joycon issues are related to the hardware, a firmware glitch could also cause the charging problem. This could be due to corrupted or outdated firmware. The solution is to update the firmware version of the Switch Joycon to see if it helps.

Faulty Charger or Cable

The most noticeable and most common cause of the “Switch Joycon not charging” problem is a faulty AC adapter or cable. You should test a new adapter or cable to see if it gets the controller charging again.

Switch Joycon Not Charging: How to Fix

To solve most of the Nintendo Switch Joycon not charging problems will require just a bit of time and replacing some parts.

Update the Nintendo Switch Software

To confirm that your Nintendo Switch problems are not due to a software glitch, simply update the firmware. To do this, go to System Settings>System>System Update. Once updated, go back and check if the Switch Joycon is able to charge. If it works, then you should always keep your system updated with the latest software. If not, then you can move to other fixes.

You can also update the controller firmware rather than just the Nintendo firmware.

To update the Nintendo Switch controller firmware:

  • The Nintendo Switch console should be paired with the Joy-con controllers
  • The console must be connected to the internet
  • The Nintendo console system should have the option to update the Joy-con controller.

To update the controllers:

  • Open the Nintendo Home menu
  • Select system settings which can be found at the bottom of the screen
  • In the left sidebar, select Controllers and Sensors
  • On the right panel of the screen, scroll down and select Update Controllers. The Switch will scan both the right and left Joy-con to make the software update.
  • Within a few minutes, the controllers should be updated then the message “Update complete” will appear on the screen.

Check the charger and cables

To ensure that the charging cable is working, disconnect it from the charging dock or Joycon charging grip. If you’re using an AC adapter, unplug it from the power outlet and from the dock for a few seconds before plugging it back in. If none of these work, then check for damages on the cable, AC adapter, and every part of the hardware.

If you’ve dropped your console or controllers at any time, it is possible that there’s some internal damage that has prevented them from charging. You might have to purchase new chargers and charging cables to get the system charging again.

If you think that the chargers might be faulty. Simply get a different charger to confirm your suspicions. You can try changing the AC adapter, cable or go for another console.. You could also switch your Joy-con charging grip. This should help you isolate the problem. It could be that one or more of the charging systems is defective and needs to be changed.

Resync the controller

If none of these fixes work, then you might want to try re-syncing the controller. This is a simple solution that works in some cases. It simply means resetting each of the affecting controllers. To do this, press the SYNC button once on the controller. This will disconnect the controller from the console. If there is any network issue, software glitch, or bug preventing the controller from charging, this should clear it out. Once disconnected, you can go ahead to pair the controllers. To do this

  • Go to your Nintendo Switch Home screen
  • Select Controllers
  • Select Change Grip and Order
  • Press and hold the SYNC button on the controller to sync it once again

Get Professional Help

If everything fails, then you might want to look for help from professionals. This simply means giving a call to the Nintendo technical support team. If you can’t get anything helpful to solve the problem, then going to a local repair shop might get the problem fixed.

Final Thoughts

It could be that your Switch Joycon is damaged and the hardware would have to be replaced. Problems like these usually occur after a fall. You might want to get a professional repairer to look at it and check for damages. While there is that, buying new controllers might be a better option than spending on repairs.