TCL Roku TV Sound Problems & How to Fix

TCL has gained a lot of popularity in recent times because of how qualitative the company’s products are. One of the most purchased TCL products is the Roku TV. This product is renowned for its amazing sound, crisp images, and attractive design. Despite all of this, the TCL Roku TV is prone to a few problems. One such problem is sound issues.

Do you have a TCL Roku TV that has developed sound problems? This post will help you figure out the problem and show you very easy ways to fix it. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

tcl roku tv sound problems

TCL Roku TV Sound Problems and DIY Fixes

Are you wondering why your TCL Roku TV suddenly stopped playing sound while the display is still fine? It could be a result of any of the following:

  • The speakers are off.
  • You chose the “leveling” or “night” volume modes.
  • The remote is on mute or the volume is set very low.
  • You selected Private listening mode for headphones alone via the mobile app.

There are a few other reasons why your TCL Roku TV could have developed sound problems. Some of them include:

  • Poor network connection.
  • Software update bug.
  • Loose or faulty cables.
  • Faulty hardware.

If any of the above issues is the cause of your TCL Roku TV sound problems, then you are safe. You can easily fix your sound issues with a few DIY tweaks that we will show you in this post. With this out of the way, grab a seat, and let’s discuss some of the simple DIY fixes you can employ.

Fix 1: Check the remote

When you notice that your TCL Roku TV is not producing any sound, you need to first check the remote. Chances are you or someone else has previously fiddled with the mute button or volume buttons. Pick up your remote and check if you have pressed the mute button. Press the button down and see if the TV produces any sound. If it doesn’t, press the button again then run a sound test once more.

You should also check the volume of the TV. Try increasing the TV volume to see if you had reduced the volume completely before now. If there is still no sound, then you don’t have a remote control problem.

Fix 2: Inspect the TV and its peripherals

As we mentioned earlier in this post, some of the causes of your TCL Roku TV sound problems include loose or faulty cables and faulty hardware. How do you know if any of these is the problem? You need to inspect the TV and its peripherals.

Check all the cables to be sure that they are properly inserted and they are in the right ports. Also, check the external audio and feed devices. This includes your external speakers, cable box, computer, smartphone, etc. Check the settings on the TV to be sure that you chose the right audio output based on your connections. When you have done all of these, check your TV for sound. If it isn’t producing sound, you need to try any of the next fixes.

Fix 3: Power Cycle the TV

To power cycle your TCL Roku TV means to unplug the power cable from the mains and restore it after allowing the TV to rest for a while. As we stated earlier, your TCL Roku TV may have developed sound problems because of a software glitch. You can easily overcome such glitches by running your TV through a power cycle process.

How do you power cycle your TCL Roku TV? Take the following steps:

Step 1: Turn on your TV then turn it off with the remote control.

Step 2: Pull the power cable out from the socket or the designated power source that it is connected to.

Step 3: Allow the TV to rest for between five to ten minutes.

Step 4: Plug the power cable back into the power source.

Step 5: Turn on the TV.

Step 6: Test it for sound.

While doing this for your TCL Roku TV, ensure that you carry out the same process on all the peripherals. This helps you to solve any software glitch issues that they might be facing. Test the TV for sound after turning it back on. If there is still no sound, then move on to the next fix.

Fix 4: Adjust audio settings

Many times we play with our remote controls unconsciously. If you have children, they can also fiddle with the remote. This means that you or anyone around could have adjusted the audio settings of your TCL Roku TV unknowingly. It could be the reason why the TV is having sound issues.

You can easily solve the problem by adjusting the audio settings. Your best bet is to restore the audio settings to the default manufacturer’s settings. Test your TV for sound after doing this. If there is still no sound, check out the next option.

Fix 5: System update

When last did you update your TCL Roku TV’s firmware? As we have mentioned earlier, outdated system firmware can result in sound issues for your TV. The problem is likely to be solved once your update your TV’s firmware.

Here’s how to check for a system update and get the latest firmware for your TCL Roku TV:

Step 1: Tap OK on your TCL Roku TV’s remote control.

Step 2: Go to “Settings.”

Step 3: Select “System Update.”

Step 4: Select “Check Now.”

Step 5: If there is an update available, you will get a pop-up message. Select “Update Now.”

When you are done with the process, check the TV for sound. If there is still no sound, you can do any of the following:

  • Check your wireless connection.
  • Turn off audio leveling.
  • Turn off private listening on the mobile app.
  • Carry out a factory reset.

If none of these methods work, you need to speak to a TCL specialist to help you out. You can reach out to the company customer support center closest to you.