TCL TV Problems and Solutions (DIY)

TCL TVs are quite new on the market but have already established themselves as one of the best brands around. They produce clear acoustic sound and beautiful crisp images. These TVs are also very durable.

Despite ticking several boxes with regards to quality, TCL TVs still develop problems like every other TV around. Do you own a TCL TV and it has developed some issues that you have no idea how to fix? This post will show you the most popular TCL TV problems and their solutions.

tcl tv problems and solutions

Common TCL TV Problems and Solutions

The good news about most of the problems that you will encounter with your TCL TV is that they are easy to solve. All you need to do is employ any of the simple DIY solutions that you will read in this post. Check out the problems and their solutions below:

Occasional internet disconnection

It is not uncommon for TCL TVs to experience this issue since they are smart TVs and work with the internet. Sometimes, you may be streaming your favorite TV show and you’d just notice that your TV has lost internet connection. If this happens, there is no need to worry even though it can be pretty annoying.

There are several ways to fix this problem. The easiest method is to restore the TV to factory settings. Doing this clears the cache and existing settings on the TV to make it brand new. How do you restore your TV to factory settings? Pick up the remote, press the menu button, and follow the instructions.

Another cause of this problem is that there is too much distance between your router and the TV. In this case, you can bring the router closer then check if the problem lingers. If the problem persists, reach out to a professional for advice.

Sudden TV reboots and app crashes

There are times when you notice that the apps on your TV just crash suddenly. When this happens, it may mean that you have used the TV for an extended period and it needs some rest. It could also be a result of overheating and poor ventilation. Usually, TV apps will reboot themselves to counter these challenges.

It is not so much of a problem and you can reach out to the seller if the problem persists. The problem could also be a case of your TV disconnecting from the internet. In this case, you need to refer to the solution prescribed above.

You can consider upgrading the firmware of your TCL TV if the current one is outdated. Also, you may restore the TV to factory settings. Once you take all these measures and the problem lingers, you need professional help.

Video and audio not in sync

This problem is pretty common with some TCL TVs and it is very frustrating. It involves having a delay in the sound or picture so that the video and audio don’t sync. When this happens, the audio comes before or after the person on the TV speaks.

This problem is a simple “settings” issue. Once you make the right adjustments to your TV’s settings, the problem should stop. Simply go to your TV settings and adjust the “audio delay” setting. Doing this should stop the problem. If it persists, reach out to a TCL customer care agent or any TV professional.

Echo sounds

This is another very common problem among TVs of different brands and TCL TVs are no exception. When you hear echo sounds while seeing a movie or TV show, it could mean several things. The most likely cause of this problem is that you are playing your audio from your TV speaker and an external audio device.

Check your sound settings to be sure that this is the problem. Choose the sound system that you prefer and switch off the other. Most people prefer to turn off the audio from the TV’s internal speakers. This way, the only device producing sound is the external audio device.

No sound

This is another audio problem and it is even worse because you cannot hear any sound from the TV. There will be images on the TV screen but the TV wouldn’t produce any sound. Anything could be the cause of the problem. For example, you could have reduced your TV volume to the lowest or even mute the volume altogether. It could also be a connection issue or a software glitch. The best thing to do is to figure out what the problem is.

  • Check the volume of your TV to be sure that it is not mute or on the lowest.
  • If you experience this problem when playing a video or using an app, try another video or app.
  • Once you try another app or video and the problem persists, you should reboot your TV.
  • If you are playing the video from an external storage device, it may be corrupt. Try playing another video from a different source or play another video from the same source.
  • Check the output device and cable connections to be sure that they are intact and functioning optimally.
  • Update your TV’s firmware.
  • Check your audio settings and restore them to default.
  • Ensure that you didn’t plug in headphones to your TV.
  • Restore the TV to factory settings.

No picture

If your TCL TV doesn’t show pictures, you are likely going to be annoyed and scared at the same time. The good news is that this problem is quite common and easy to fix. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Check the source of the video and the cable connections.
  • Ensure that your streaming apps are up-to-date and functioning properly.
  • Reboot your TV and check for a picture again.
  • Check the screen for damages.
  • Check your picture settings and restore them to default.
  • Restore your TV to factory settings.


If you try out all the fixes in this post to no avail, you need professional help. You can reach out to a TCL customer service center or call on a TV repairer to help you check the fault out.