TCL TV Remote Not Working: How To Fix It

My TCL TV experience is like that of a lover who has chosen to stick with their partner. The wide range of TCL TV models to select from, sleek remote controls, and choice on-screen menus were some of the things that made the TCL TV my favorite for many years. But this love experience got soiled one day when I turned on my TV using the power button on the remote and realized that my TCL TV remote stopped working.

You needed to see the shock that registered on my face when I found that my remote would not work my TV. So I hastily went online to research how to fix my dysfunctional remote control and get it working again. In less than 30 minutes, I obtained all the necessary information I needed. And so I will be sharing proven steps to take to fix your TCL TV remote that’s not working.

tcl tv remote control not working

TCL Remote Control Not Working? Try These Fixes!

The TCL technology company has always churned out a variety of TV models designed to suit the different entertainment needs of their customers. Hence, irrespective of which TCL TV remote that’s not working, here is how to fix a non-responsive remote control:

1. Remove All Obstructions

The TCL TV remote interacts with your TV using infrared or Bluetooth. It is therefore impossible to operate the TV when there are obstructions between the remote and the TV.

Some of the obstructions include physical objects standing in the way of the infrared or Bluetooth signal from the remote, and invisible interference from wireless devices around. Ensure these obstructions are taken away and that might be just all you need to get your TCL TV remote working again.

2. Move Closer to Your TCL TV Set

The distance between you and where the TCL TV is located is of great importance. Be sure to stay about 10 feet away from the TV while trying out the remote. Try different angles and distances while pointing the remote control towards the sensor at the front of the TCL TV.

3. Release Stuck Remote Buttons

Depending on your location and how often you use your TCL TV remote, dust particles may build up in the remote and cause some buttons to get stuck.

Where you succeed in using the buttons, you might not even get a commensurate response on the TV. All you need to do is push the concerned buttons a couple of times till they soften up and are free from impediments. Try making use of such buttons at a reasonable distance from the TCL TV; you should get a response this time.

4. Check the Batteries

Batteries are usually the primary suspects whenever the TCL TV remote stops responding.

Make sure the batteries are well-placed in their compartments. Your children may have fiddled with your remote in your absence and misaligned the polarity of the batteries. Hence, try resetting the battery and check if the TCL TV remote works afterward.

Replace the batteries. There are no clear indicators to know when the batteries in the TCL TV remote get weakened or exhausted, but replacing the batteries might help. Replacement batteries should be purchased from reputable stores.

Removing and inserting the batteries after a few minutes sometimes serve as a form of reset. Doing this can help get your remote back in its full functioning capacity. You could also turn off and unplug the TCL TV from its power source while at it.

Check the battery compartment for corrosion. This corrosion occurs as a result of battery leakage. When such occurs try scraping the corroded surface with a metallic object. This should be done carefully to avoid dealing more damage on the remote.

5. Do the Infrared Emitter Test

If you have the enhanced TCL TV remote, you can perform the infrared emitter test to further ascertain the health of your remote. This test preferably should be conducted in a dark room. To perform this test:

  • Get a camera. This can either be a handheld camera or a mobile phone camera which should be in selfie mode.
  • Hold the TCL remote in a position where it points towards the lens of the camera.
  • While looking into the camera, press and hold the power button of the remote.

If the TCL remote is in good condition, you will see a purple light flashing on the camera display.

Having gone through these tips, the TCL TV remote not working issue will be resolved and your remote working perfectly again with your TV.