Toshiba Smart TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix It

Toshiba is a world-renowned manufacturer of products and services such as televisions, computers, printers, batteries, and other consumer electronics. So we will be discussing the Toshiba smart TV remote control.

You have just transitioned to using a Toshiba smart TV, and suddenly the remote stops working. While it can be pretty annoying and stressful if the remote control packs up at the exact moment you need it most, the device can be fixed to get it functional again.

toshiba smart tv remote control not working

Toshiba Smart TV Remote Not Working? Here Are Likely Causes

There are certain reasons why your Toshiba smart TV remote control can suddenly stop working. Some of these are:

  • Bad battery
  • Blocked signal
  • Defective infrared sensor
  • Defective remote infrared emitter

Bad Battery: The batteries in the remote may be flat or incorrectly placed. If your battery died much faster, it could be drained by consistent pressing of remote buttons even when not in use. There is about 30 seconds of delay between pushing a remote button and the TV response, so pressing the remote during the time delay would drain the batteries. Placing objects on the remote could cause buttons to press and drain the batteries, making them weak in the process.

Blocked Signal: The remote control will not work if there are blocking the direct signal path to the TV; since remotes work using an infra-red system, they have to be aimed directly at the smart TV to work.

Defective Infrared TV Sensor: The TV infrared sensor makes use of light waves not visible to the human eye to communicate with the remote control. If the remote infrared emitter becomes defective, its signals will not be detected by the television sensor.

Defective Remote Infrared Emitter: The remote infrared emitter is located behind the shiny plastic on the end of the remote. To be sure that the remote emitter is good or bad, you must use your phone camera to find out. Just point the remote infrared emitter at the camera lens and press and hold a button, once there‚Äôs no light showing on your camera’s viewfinder screen, it means the device is defective and must be replaced.

How to fix a Toshiba smart TV remote that is not working

These are ways you can fix your remote below:

Reset the Remote: Remove the battery from the Toshiba smart TV remote, then press every single button on the remote one button at a time; press each button for about 5 seconds then replace the batteries and retest the remote.

Fixing Bad Batteries: You must replace any old batteries immediately and not combine them with new ones. Also, if you are not going to make use of the Toshiba smart TV remote for a long period of time, make sure to remove the batteries and store in a cool and dry place. Avoid placing objects on the remote when not in use as this could lead to battery draining.

Fixing Blocked Signal: Remove any objects that are blocking signals from your remote to the TV. When making use of the smart TV remote, make sure it is aimed directly at the smart TV.

Fixing Defective Infrared Sensor: The first step to take is to troubleshoot if the sensor is still working; if it is not, then you must contact an experienced technician who will take your Toshiba smart TV motherboard apart to replace or clean the component.

Avoid playing with the buttons on your smart TV remote since they are very sensitive; try to resist the urge to use the device as a projectile in the house since this contributes to the low shelf life of the remote.