Toshiba TV Sound Problems & DIY Fixes

Toshiba TVs have been on the market for several decades. Over the years these TVs have evolved in design, image quality, and components. Today, we have Smart Toshiba TVs as well which expose the users to a whole new world of possibilities.

What happens when you switch on your Toshiba TV to see the game only to discover that it isn’t producing any sound? This can be very frustrating especially when you have guests over. The good news is that you can solve the problem by employing simple DIY fixes. This post will show you the possible causes of Toshiba TV sound problems and their DIY fixes.

toshiba tv sound problems

Toshiba TV Sound Problems & DIY Fixes

Toshiba is one of the most respected home electronics brands in the world. While their TVs are of very high quality and have stayed so long on the market, they develop problems like every other brand. What is the cause of your Toshiba TVs sound problems? Any of the following could be the culprit:

  • Software glitches.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Faulty cables and hardware.
  • Wrong connections.
  • Wrong audio settings.

These are just a few possible causes of your TV’s sound problems. If any of these is the culprit, then fixing the problem will be pretty easy. Check out the DIY solutions below:

Check the mute status

It might seem ridiculous but the mute button is a major cause of Toshiba TV sound problems. Many times, we fiddle with the TV remote and mute the sound without knowing. Anytime you notice that your TV is not producing sound, you should first check the mute status.

To do this, pick up your remote control and press the mute button. If the sound doesn’t come up, press the button once more. After doing this, the sound should come up.

Increase the volume

Another cause of this problem is reducing the TV volume to the lowest level. Again, you might not do this consciously. It could also be a guest, one of your kids, or even your pet that fiddles with the remote.

Try increasing the volume of your TV. If there is still no sound, check out the other solutions below.

Check other channels

Sometimes the audio issue is not from your TV but the channel you are watching. Before you conclude that your TV has an audio issue, you should check that it isn’t from the current channel. Most times, simple transmission issues could affect the audio.

Change the channel to check if the TV will produce sound. If it does, then the problem is from the channel you were watching initially. You have to wait for the station to fix their audio issue.

Check for headset connection

One reason why your Toshiba TV is not producing sound could be that there is a headset connected. When you connect a headset to the TV, all the sound goes to the headset instead of the other output devices. Check your TV’s headset port to be sure that it is not connected to a headset. You should also check that the TV is not connected to a Bluetooth device as this may also result in the TV not producing sound.

Check your external audio devices

Many of us like to connect external audio devices to our TVs to get the best of surround sound. Sometimes, these devices may malfunction or may be disconnected. If this happens and you have set your TV audio output to such devices, there will be no sound.

Let’s say you make use of a soundbar, disconnect it and attach another speaker to the TV to check for sound. Another way to test external speakers for sound is to connect them to other devices. If you connect your phone to the speakers and they produce sound, then your TV may have a problem.

You can also disconnect the audio devices and reconnect them in case the connection is the issue. If you have done all of these and there is no sound from the TV, you should try the next option.

Power cycle the TV

As we mentioned above, your Toshiba TV may not produce sound because of software glitches. If this is the case, you can resolve the issue by carrying out a simple power cycle protocol.

All you need to do is to unplug the TV’s power cable from the power source. After doing this, leave the TV to rest for a few minutes then reconnect the power cable. Switch on the TV and test it for sound. If it produces sound, then the issue was a glitch.

Switch to TV internal speakers

You can switch on and off the internal speakers of some Toshiba TVs. If yours falls into this category, you should check that yours are one and try using them as your audio output. It is also possible that you have enabled the internal speakers and still have your external audio devices connected. If this happens, your TV won’t produce sound since your TV volume will likely be very low. Switch on and off the internal speakers using the steps below:

Step 1: Pick up your TV remote and tap on “Menu.”

Step 2: Under “Main Menu” go to “Audio.”

Step 3: Tap on “Speakers” then press “Enter” to switch on the speakers.

Step 4: Test the TV for sound.

Ensure that you increase the volume of your TV so that you can hear if it is producing sound or not.

Factory reset

If you have tried every solution on our list and the problem lingers, you should consider this option. Restoring your Toshiba TV to factory settings means that you clear up any internal errors. It makes your TV brand new internally. Here’s how to carry out a factory reset protocol on a Toshiba TV:

Step 1: Tap “Menu” or “Home” on your TV remote.

Step 2: Select “Settings” then scroll to “Device and software.”

Step 3: Check for “Reset to factory defaults.”

Step 4: Select “Yes” to confirm your option.

The TV should start producing sound after doing this. If it doesn’t, then you need to seek professional help.