How To Turn on TCL Roku TV Without Remote: Best Four Methods!

You might want to consider how to turn on Roku TV without a remote in case you misplace or damage the remote control. However, you shouldn’t be concerned since several other methods exist to activate them, even if you don’t have a remote. These are the four of them:

  • Using the TCL TV Power Button
  • Using Mobile App
  • Using Amazon Alexa
  • Using a PS4

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Regarding affordable TVs, TCL is among the most well-known brands, particularly in the US. This brand competes with Hisense, Toshiba, Insignia, Amazon, and other low-cost manufacturers. Like them, TCL also offers a large selection of TVs with various sizes, prices, and features. But these TVs are widely known for having poor locations for their power buttons, which are essentially concealed. Therefore, if you can’t find your remote, you could be confused about how to turn on your Roku TV.

What Are Roku TVs and How Do They Operate?

Roku is well-recognized for producing media streaming equipment that utilizes the Roku platform (known as Roku OS). The business debuted in 2008 and regularly introduced new hardware and software versions. You may access a variety of TV stations and online channels with the help of the Roku device. Which makes it an affordable and convenient method to enjoy whatever you want, whenever you want.

All Roku devices, including players, TVs, and soundbars that support the service, function similarly. To function, every Roku device has to be connected to the internet. Although Roku devices may function without a broadband connection, it is advisable to use Wi-Fi to fully utilize the Roku platform.

How To Turn on TCL Roku TV Without Remote?

TV remotes are an essential component that is needed for controls. Smart TVs have made significant advancements over the past several years. In addition to Remote, it has several methods of control. So, even if you misplace your TCL remote, you can still operate or switch on your TCL Roku Device using alternate methods.

While some approaches could appear to be highly challenging, others might be fairly simple. The method in which the user wants to turn on the television is solely determined by their personal preference. This section will go over the four easiest and most efficient ways to switch on the TCL Roku TV without needing remote control.

Method 1: Using the Power Button on the TV

In the event that you misplace your TV remote, you’ll have to use the TCL Roku TV power button to switch it on. This is the most straightforward method to switch on and off your Roku TV without a controller. Your TV’s year, version, and manufacture will ultimately determine where the power switch is located. The four key locations are listed below:

  • Under the TV.
  • The right side of the TV’s back.
  • The left side of the TV’s back.
  • Front left, bottom.
  • Left front, below.

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Method 2: Using an Android App

For Android and iOS devices, the Roku application is a free program that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a hub for managing your Roku TV. You must use your smartphone remote to operate your Roku device. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to achieve that:

  • Step 1: Install the Roku app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Step 2: When you enter the app, it will look for the nearest Roku devices. In this case, you must verify that your phone and TCL Roku TV are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Step 3: Once you select your Roku TV from the search result screen, a power switch will appear on the upper side of the application screen. You can quickly turn the TV on and off with that.

Android App

Method 3: Using Amazon Alexa

Using Amazon Alexa with a TCL Roku TV, you can change the TV channel and volume and turn the TV on or off by voice commands. To operate this function, you must adhere to the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Turn on your TCL Roku TV and launch the Alexa app. If you don’t yet have it, you may install the Alexa app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Step 2: Next, choose the More option. This may be seen in the bottom-right portion of the app. Choose Skills and Games, and input “Roku” into the search box.
  • Step 3: After that, tap the Launch option. Your Alexa will now have access to the Roku Skill. You’ll now be told to log in using your Roku account.
  • Step 4: Enter the same Roku login information you used to access the TCL Roku TV. After that, this page will provide a list of your Roku devices. Just choose which Roku products you wish to utilize with Alexa (here, choose TCL Roku TV).
  • Step 5: On the Alexa app, tap your TCL Roku TV and choose to continue.  Then click the link/connect device option. Now. You can provide instructions to Alexa to operate the TCL Roku TV.

Amazon Alexa

Method 4: Using a PS4

You can effortlessly switch off or on the TCL Roku TV with a PS4. Here is a full explanation of how to accomplish it.

  • Step 1: Using an HDMI cable, join the PS4 with the TCL Roku TV.
  • Step 2: Turn on the PS4 console and the TV. Now, open up Settings and then select system settings.
  • Step 3: Activate HDMI Device Link by scrolling and selecting the checkbox next to it.
  • Step 4: Now restart your PS4. Here the TCL Roku TV automatically switches on when the PS4 turns on.



You may find yourself in a terrible situation where you need to start the TV but do not have the TCL Roku TV remote. Therefore, each smart TV today has a traditional switch that can be utilized to switch it on. However, the situation worsens if your TCL TV’s primary main switch is broken or inoperable. Following the outlined above, there are various ways to easily switch on the TCL Roku TV in every circumstance.

However, keep in mind that if you have the necessary funds and the time, you could always go out and purchase a new remote control for your TCL Roku TV. Obtaining one might be somewhat difficult, but once you have it, you won’t need to worry about the things discussed earlier.