USB-C Headphone Adapter Not Working: How to Fix

Like most headphones, the USB-C models are easy-to-use accessories. All you have to do is plug in the device and listen to your preferred content.

Although most brands ensure that their USB-C headphones have great features, the devices might have their issues. One such problem involves plugging in the headphones and not getting any audio.

However, there are several ways that you can handle this issue. In this post, we will be listing various solutions for a faulty USB-C headphone connection. Now let’s get started.

usb c headphone adapter not working

USB-C Headphone Adapter Not Working? Try These Fixes

Before using the advice on our guide, seek extra advice from the owner’s manual. You should also check with the technical support service of your preferred brand. Now here are the best ways to deal with a bad USB-C headphones adapter.

1. Connect Your Phone

Before using the headphone adapter, insert them properly into the USB – C port. But as you push in the accessory, use minimal force. If you apply excess pressure, you can damage the pins on the port.

2. Reset the Phone

Before calling the technical support department of your preferred brand, try a quick reset. After all, this method helps you to stop any USB-C headphones problem.

This solution involves turning off your phone and waiting for a few seconds before powering it up. Then reconnect the headset to the device. If you are lucky, the headphones should start working.

3. Clean the USB-C Port

As you use the device, it tends to gather dust and other dirt. If the mess becomes excess, especially at the port, any connected headset might not sound properly.

After covering the toothpick with cotton wool, gently clean out the port. As you remove the dirt, avoid touching the pins or using compressed air.

4. Adjust Your Settings

Sometimes the solution to the headset adapter problem can be traced to the settings of your device. If you make the right adjustments, you should get the best audio from your device.

To get started, head to Settings -> Sounds and Vibrations -> Separate App Sound -> ON. Choose the preferred app that you want to use with the earphones e.g., Youtube. Then select the device on which you want to use the headphones.

5. Charge Your Device

On some Samsung smartphones, low batteries can affect the performance of connected USB-C headphones. So if you can’t get any audio from these devices, you might have to charge them.

Use this tip by plugging in the mobile device until it gets to 100%. Then connect the headphones with its adapters to see if they will work.

 6. Choose Compatible Devices

USB-C headphone adapters are designed to work with many devices. However, some smartphones and laptops might not be compatible with these accessories. If used with such devices, these adapters will produce any sound.

Before inserting the adapter into any device, make sure it’s compatible. By using this tip, you can save time and avoid any USB-C headphones adapter problem.

8. Turn Up the Volume

Although it is rare, you might have forgotten to turn up the volume on your phone. As a result, you might think that you have a faulty set of headphones.

Plugin the headphones and increase the volume of your device. But keep the volume at moderate levels to prevent hearing loss.

7. Call Technical Support

If our tips cannot fix your headphones, you might have to contact the technical support team of your mobile device. After all, there might be some issues with the USB-C port of your device.

You can find a service center at your location. If you can’t find any, ask the customer service of your preferred brand to provide a list of approved technicians within your area.

Supposing your device is under warranty, you might not have to pay for the repairs. Even if they ask for a fee, it should be something affordable.

9. Get a New Pair of Headphone Adapters

Does the headphones adapter show signs of damage? Can you find any torn wires? If yes, then you will have to replace these accessories with a new pair. Most models can be found at various online or offline stores. You could also visit the website of your selected brand.

10. Switch to Bluetooth

There are other ways that you might listen to the audio on your device. If your USB-C headphone adapter causes problems, consider using a pair of wireless headphones. As these devices use Bluetooth technology, you will not have to worry about the USB-C port.

How to Care for the USB-C Headphones Adapter

As you use the adapter, it would help if you took care of it. Now here are some tips that might help with this task.

  • Do not bend the cable of the adapter or wrap it around objects.
  • Keep the adapter from moisture or excess heat.
  • Purchase adapters from trusted brands.


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