VGA to HDMI Adapter Not Working: How to Fix

With the VGA to HDMI adapter, it becomes possible to connect a VGI device with an HDMI screen. As expected, this device promises decent pictures and sound.

But as with most products, the VGA to HDMI adapter is not perfect. After all, it might have a few issues from time to time.

According to some users, some adapters do not work as expected. Although this problem is common, it can be solved with some easy tips. Now here are some ways to fix a faulty VGA to HDMI adapter.

vga to hdmi adapter

VGA to HDMI Adapter Not Working? Try These Tips

Although we have come up with the best solutions for a bad adapter, we recommend that you check the owner’s manual for extra advice. Now here are some tips for handling a faulty adapter or connection.

1. Get the Right VGA to HDMI Adapter

Sadly, some brands sell the wrong products as adapters. Although they have a VGA connector with HDMI connectors, they do not offer the best connection.

For this reason, it is advised that you purchase a VGA to HDMI adapter that has a USB cord. With the USB end, the adapter can convert the analog signals to digital. In the end, you can view your preferred content perfectly.

2. Put the Adapter in the Right Ports

Look closely at your setup. Are the cables connected to the right ports? Do they look well connected? If not, then you will end up with a messy connection.

As you connected both devices, insert the adapter into the right ports. Also, ensure that the connectors are well inserted into these spaces

3. Update Your Drivers

According to some experts, updating the graphic drivers on the PC could help with any adapter issues. Although some adapters do not need drivers, you might try this method. To get started, head to Device manager ->Display Adapters->Integrated Graphics.

Right-click the Integrated Graphics option and choose Update Driver. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

4. Disable the HDCP option

If you want to use the VGA to HDMI adapter with a PS4, then you will have to turn off the HDCP feature. Supposing you left this feature, the cable will not be able to transmit the required signals.

You can disable the feature on the PS4. Start by going to Settings -> Enable HDCP. Uncheck the HDCP option by unchecking the box.

5. Use a Compatible Device

The VGA to HDMI adapter is designed to work with tons of devices. However, you cannot use it with devices such as Google Chromecast or even an Xbox. To avoid such issues, check various forums and find the best device for your adapter.

6. Choose the Right Resolution

Some adapters do not allow their users to work with certain resolutions. If this happens, they might think that the adapter has problems.

Before using an adapter, check the owner’s manual. Most times, the manufacturer of the adapter lists the supported resolutions on this booklet.

7. Take Out the Dirt

Check the ports for dirt and debris. If you find any mess, then it might be the cause of your faulty adapter problem.

The solution involves cleaning out the port. For this task, use a lint-free cloth with denatured alcohol. Before connecting the cables, ensure the HDMI port is dried

8. Plugin the USB Cord

Without power, the VGA to HDMI adapter cannot convert the needed signals. But if you plug in the USB cord to an external power source, the adapter will work properly.

9. Check for Damage

Bent pins on the connected devices might result in a faulty connection. With this in mind, it is advised that you look around your setup for any signs of damage.

Check the ports of the HDMI device for any crooked pins. If you find any pins, contact a professional to get things fixed.

10. Get an Extender

Some adapters have very short USB cords. Because of this feature, it might become difficult for you to connect the cord to a required power source.

You can find extenders at various online and offline stores. At these locations, these devices are sold at affordable prices.

How to Care for a VGA to HDMI adapter

If you take care of your adapter, you might not have to look for a fix. Now here are simple ways that could extend the service life on the adapter.

1. Do Not Manhandle the Adapter

Resist the urge to swing the adapter by its cable. Furthermore, do not wrap the cable around your fingers or any other object. With these tips, the adapter will last without any physical damage.

2. Keep the Adapter from Moisture

Keep the VGA to HDMI Adapter from all types of liquids including water. As with most electrical devices, such exposure can lead to damage and accidents.