Common Vizio TV Problems and Solutions

Vizio TV might not be so popular but they are known for their award-winning technology. Asides from having crisp pictures and acoustic sound, these TVs are very affordable. They come with several features such as SmartCast, the operating system on which the TV runs.

One of the benefits of purchasing a Vizio TV is that you can connect to some of your favorite apps via the TV. Another is that you can customize your viewing experience and even cast your phone screen to the TV. It also integrates with several smart technologies including Google Home, Apple Homekit, and Alexa.

Despite being such amazing devices, Vizio TVs are not void of their problems. Just like TVs from other brands, these TVs are prone to certain problems. This post will show you some of the common Vizio TV problems and their solutions.

vizio tv problems and solutions

Common Vizio TV Problems and Solutions

Many of the problems that your Vizio TV will encounter are pretty easy to fix at home using simple DIY solutions. We will show you some of them in this section.

Problem 1: Blank Screen

Most people regard the blank screen as the most common problem that Vizio TVs develop. Interestingly, this problem is not peculiar to Vizio TVs alone, several other brands encounter the same issue. How do you know that your TV has a blank screen?

You switch on your TV and nothing shows on the screen, instead, it remains black. Even when you press your remote, you don’t see anything on the screen. Check out how to fix this problem below:

  • Switch off the TV then unplug it from the socket.
  • Allow the TV to rest for about two minutes before plugging it back into the socket and switching it on.

Once you complete this process, you should see images on the screen. If this doesn’t work, then any of the following could be the culprit:

  • Power supply issues within the TV.
  • Defective backlight converter.
  • Broken screen.

If any of these is the issue, then you need to speak to a professional or take the TV to a designated repair center.

Problem 2: Blinking Screen

Another popular problem with Vizio TVs is blinking screens. This is usually the result of a poorly connected cable that results in bad signals. If you are experiencing this problem, you can fix it using any of the solutions below:

  • Check all the input connections.
  • Remove all the plugs and fix them properly in case any of them is loose.
  • Check for bad cables and replace them.
  • Go to the TVs settings menu and check the Advanced Settings. You may have fiddled with the settings causing the screen to develop this problem. Disable each of the effects then check if the problem lingers.

If you try these fixes and none of them solves the problem, your TV may be suffering from a lack of storage space. When this happens, you should consider clearing the TV memory by doing the following:

  • Switch off the TV then unplug it.
  • Press and hold down the power button for about 30 seconds then switch on the TV.
  • Check the screen to see if it is still blinking.

Note that this troubleshooting process also works for blue screens on Vizio TVs.

Problem 3: Remote Control Not Working

Experts consider the remote controls of Vizio TVs to be one of the weak points of the product. You might be using the remote control and it suddenly stops working. Wondering why this happens? There are several culprits including:

  • Dead batteries. Sometimes, you may have purchased cheap batteries that don’t have a long lifespan. Take out the batteries and replace them with new ones then check if the remote control is now working.
  • Damage resulting from dampness or shock. Such issues can damage the internal components of the remote control. In this case, you may need to order a new remote control. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost so much to get one.

While you await the arrival of your new remote control, you can download the remote control app. Vizio created this app for its users so that they can use their smartphones in place of regular remote controls. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. For the app to work, you have to connect to the same wireless network as the TV.

Problem 4: Network Connection Problems

Vizio TVs are smart TVs that allow users to connect to the internet. This way, you can stream your favorite movies, shows, games, and other kinds of content. It is always frustrating when you try connecting to the internet and the TV isn’t connecting. Instead of panicking, you should first check if the TV or the network is the problem. You can do this by taking the steps below:

  • Try connecting another device to the router and check if it connects. If it does, try streaming content through any of the streaming services. Once you are unable to stream content on the other device, then the problem is the network.

If you can stream content on the device, then your Vizio TV has a problem. In this case, you should do any of the following:

  • Disconnect any other device connected to the router and connect your TV all over again. If it connects, then the network was previously congested.
  • Move the router closer to the TV.
  • If you make use of a dual-band router, consider moving the TV to the 5GHz bandwidth.
  • Check the network settings on your TV, forget the wireless network and try searching for the network again. Connect to the network all over by following the on-screen instructions.

If none of these measures work, then you need to carry out a factory reset operation. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Go to the “System Menu” then select “Reset & Admin” and tap on “Reset TV.”
  • Provide the parental code “0000.”
  • Tap on “Reset” then select “OK.”

After doing this, the TV should go off and restart. Set up your profile all over and check if the problem lingers.