Vizio TV Sound Problems & DIY Fixes

Despite hitting the market in 2002, Vizio has grown to become one of the top manufacturers of TVs worldwide. This company achieved this rapid growth because of the high quality of its TVs. Regardless, your dear Vizio TV can develop sound problems.

Imagine seeing one of your favorite movies or serials without sound. That would be completely annoying and frustrating. What are the possible sound problems that you can encounter with your Vizio TV? Are there any simple fixes to these issues? This post will show you some of the possible Vizio TV sound problems and DIY fixes that can help you out.

vizio tv sound problems

Possible Vizio TV Sound Problems and DIY Fixes

Unlike several other TV brands, there is one main sound issue that you can experience with a Vizio TV. Sometimes, your Vizio TV could stop producing sound. If you haven’t experienced this before, it could be perplexing. Why would your TV just stop producing sound? There are a few possible reasons including:

  • Muted volume.
  • Faulty input function.
  • Hardware issues.
  • Bad cable wiring
  • Outdated software.
  • Wrong settings.

With this out of the way, let’s look at some DIY fixes to help you solve the problem.

Fix 1 – Check the mute button

The most probable reason why your Vizio TV is not producing sound is that you muted the volume. Pick up your remote control and check the audio settings to be sure that you didn’t mute the TV. If you did, simply unmute the TV by pressing the mute button and you should get sound. If you do this and there is no sound, try the next DIY fix.

Fix 2 – Check the TV

Sometimes, the issue may be that your TV has run into a software glitch or there is a hardware problem. Inspect your TV externally to be sure that there are no cracks, dents, or other types of deformations. After doing this, unplug your TV from the socket and leave it off for a few minutes. This process is also known as “hard reset” and it helps to fix software glitches. Plug in the TV and switch it on after a few minutes to check if it is producing sound. If it still isn’t making any sound, check the next recommendation.

Fix 3 – Check the cables

Another simple DIY fix for your Vizio TV sound problems is checking the cables. This is very important when you receive sound signals from an external device or you have an external audio output connected. Some cables can be knocked out of place or be damaged due to wear and tear. Sometimes, you may have even connected the cables wrongly.

Take out each of the cables, run a quick visual evaluation, then restore them if they are in good condition. Ensure that you check that all the cables are placed in their right ports. If you have spare cables, you can replace the current cables with them. Now, check if the sound from your TV is restored. If it is still not working, try the next fix.

Fix 4 – Check the feed

Now that you are sure that your cables are not the problem, you need to check the feed provider. By this, we mean the source of the signal. There are several possible sources of signal such as cable TV, computer, cast, etc.

Disconnect the feed and try an alternative signal source. If the TV produces sound from the other signal source, then the previous feed provider is the problem. However, if you move across all the possible feed providers without getting sound, then your TV has a problem.

Fix 5 – Check external audio devices

Sometimes, we connect external audio devices to boost the sound from our TVs. If you are not getting sound from your TV, it may be the external audio device, not the TV, with the problem. In this case, disconnect the external audio device and try using your Vizio TV’s built-in speakers. If they produce sound, then your external audio device is the problem. However, if they don’t, then you need to check your TV.

Fix 6 – Check audio settings

One of the chief reasons why your Vizio TV may stop producing sound is the wrong settings. You or someone in your home, especially kids could have activated the wrong audio settings on your TV. Go to your TV’s audio settings to check the sound settings. Return the settings to default by selecting “Reset” then confirm your change. After doing this, test your TV for sound. If it isn’t working, try the next option.

Fix 7 – Update the firmware

The software of your Vizio TV may be the reason why your TV is not producing sound. In this case, you just need to update the firmware and the sound should start working as usual. Simply connect the TV to the internet and search for the latest firmware for your Vizio TV. Download and install the new firmware then test for sound. By now, your TV should be producing sound. If it isn’t, then you should consider our final recommendation below.

Fix 8 – Restore factory settings

If you have tried everything on our list and your Vizio TV is still not producing sound, you should consider this option. All you need to do is to restore your TV to factory settings. Note that this DIY fix will only work for software and settings issues. It doesn’t fix hardware or external issues. Once you take this step, it should fix the internal malfunctions of your TV. Simply go to “Reset & Admin” on your TV using your remote. Select “Restore to Factory Defaults” then follow the instructions on the screen. After doing this, test your TV for sound again.


If you try out all the recommendations on this list and there is still no sound from your Vizio TV, this is what you should do. Reach out to the closest Vizio Customer Service Center and state your complaint.