Westinghouse TV Problem and Solutions

For many of its many users, the Westinghouse TV stands as a great item. Although it might not be popular as the bigger brands, it offers decent features.

However, the Westinghouse TV is not perfect. As with TVs from bigger brands, this device tends to have some issues from time to time.

Do you own a Westinghouse TV? Are you looking for ways to fix this issue? If yes, then you can use this article as a guide for dealing with such problems.

westinghouse tv problem and solutions

Westinghouse TV Not Working: DIY Fixes

Here are some top tips for fixing a faulty Westinghouse TV. But before using our guide, we recommend that you check the owner’s manual for additional advice.

1. Unplug the Headphones

If your Westinghouse TV does not produce any sound, it would help if you checked the headphone jack of the device. Supposing you find any headphones inserted into the device, pull them out and check if the sound works.

Still silent? Insert the headphones ( again) and pull them out again. By using this tip, you could remove any blockage on the TV.

2. Get a New Remote

If you have lost your Westinghouse remote, you might have issues with controlling your Westinghouse TV. But instead of spending hours looking for an original Westinghouse remote, you could try a universal remote.

These replacement devices are available at every trusted store and online marketplace.  As expected, they are cheap and affordable.

3. Check the Timer

Does your TV always go off in the middle of your favorite TV program? If yes, then you might have to check the timer on the device. You can check the steps for this process on the owner’s manual of the Westinghouse TV.

4. Set the Aspect Ratio

If your pictures look out of shape or extra long, check the aspect ratings. Normally, this problem comes from changing the original aspect ratio on your device.

You can get natural pictures by choosing the original aspect ratio that comes with your TV. To get the desired results, perform this activity with the steps listed in the Westinghouse TV manual.

5. Remove Any Unwanted Devices

As you use the Westinghouse TV remote, it should not have any issues. But if things go weird, you might have to do a little troubleshooting.

You can start by removing any items that might interfere with the TV remote signals. Also, change the batteries on the TV remote.

6. Check the Sound Levels

If your Westinghouse TV audio does not work, increase the volume of the TV. Also, press the Mute/Unmute button on your remote.

7. Remove and Uninstall the App

On Westinghouse Roku TVs, you can stream content from various apps. But if the problem persists, remove the app from your TV. Then attempt to download and launch the app.

8. Perform a Reset

Sometimes the Westinghouse TV offer sound. If you have this issue, it would help if you performed a quick reset on your device.

For performing a hard reset on your Westinghouse TV:

  1. Unplug the TV from the power outlet
  2. Hold down the TV power button for 30 – 45 seconds
  3. Plug back the TV into the power source

9. Contact the Westinghouse Customer Service

Still, having issues with your Westinghouse TV? If yes, then you should reach out to Westinghouse Customer service. You can reach this service via telephone or email.  Under normal circumstances, you should get a reply within a short period.

10. Get a New TV

If repairs do not work with your TV, it might be time to dump your TV. Then go for a new Westinghouse TV. Normally, these products can be found at electronic stores or online marketplaces.


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