Withings Scale Not Syncing: Causes & Fixes

Data from your body is automatically synced without any action required on your part. However, if you notice that your Withings scale is not syncing, you might not be able to keep track of your weight.

Withings Scale Not Syncing is usually not a cause for concern and with a few tweaks, you can get back to using the scale without problems. In some cases, you might have to spend a few bucks on battery replacement. In this article, we have detailed all the causes and fixes for the Withings scale not syncing.

withings scale not syncing

Withings Scale Not Syncing: Likely Causes

  • Poor connection
  • Low battery
  • Glitches
  • Incorrect configuration

Withings Scale Not Syncing: DIY Fixes

1. Check your Connection

The first fix is just to rule out connection problems based on how the scale is set up. Whether you set up the scale via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your data is automatically synced within a few minutes after you step down from it. You can find your data in the Health Mate app.

If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, your measurements are uploaded within 60 seconds of you weighing in. However if the scale is configured for Bluetooth use, measurements are synced only when the mobile device used to configure the scale is within the Bluetooth range (about 10 – 20 feet or 3 – 6 meters) of the scale.

If you’re using your scale on Wi-Fi,

Wait for about 60 seconds or 3 minutes to see if the scale syncs and your measurements are uploaded.  If this doesn’t happen; Remove the batteries from the scale for 60 seconds then reinsert them. After that, move the scale within 10 feet of the router and weigh in. If the measurements are transferred, it simply means the device was too far from the scale and you might need to bring the scale closer to the router. You could try other ways to boost the strength of the Wi-Fi connection to your router.

However, if the measurements do not transfer after moving the scale closer, it may be necessary to reconfigure your scale for Wi-Fi use. You can also try using a different network

If you’re using your scale in Bluetooth

Place your mobile device within 10 feet of your scale, you might want to get as close as possible to make a stronger connection. With the Bluetooth turned on, weigh yourself.

2. Check the Battery Level

Connectivity can be impacted if the battery level is too low. Check the battery level of your scale in Device to see if the battery is low. If the battery is 40% or below, you will have to replace them with new, non-rechargeable ones. Withings recommends you go for Energizer or Duracell.

If you’re still unable to get it to sync, your scale should be reconfigured.

3. Perform a Factory

If the data is still not synced, then you might want to perform a factory reset. Factory resetting the scale will not remove any of the data that was already synced from the Health Mate app. However, it will delete all the data stored in the scale.

To reset the scale (for users with the Body+),

  • Go to Bluetooth settings of your mobile app and remove the scale from the known devices
  • Open the Health Mate app. Tap Devices and locate your Body+
  • Tap All settings then scroll down and tap Dissociate this product
  • Press the button beneath your scale
  • Hold the button until the menu appears
  • Four options will be displayed on the screen of the scale: Info, Update, Reset, and Quit. Note that you won’t be able to Update option if the scale isn’t set up with Wi-Fi.
  • Press the button again until the arrow points toward Reset
  • Press the hold button until the loading bar is complete
  • Click the button 5 times to confirm. Reset ok will then be displayed on the screen of the scale
  • Hello! appears on the screen meaning that the reset was a success.

To reset the scale (for users with the Smart Body Analyzer)

  • If you set up your scale using Bluetooth, go to the Bluetooth settings of your mobile device and locate the Smart Body Analyzer. This may show up as Smart Body XX.
  • Select the gear or I icon to the right to it.
  • Depending on the type of mobile device you’re using, you might find the option to forget or remove the scale
  • After that, remove one of the batteries for 30 seconds and reinsert the battery
  • Wait for the “check mark” to appear and then press and hold both buttons on the bottom of the scale simultaneously until you see the word “Factory” appear. You might have to hold both buttons for at least 30 seconds before “Factory” is displayed.
  • The scale will not reset and will be ready to be configured.

4. Reconfigure Your Scale

You might have to reconfigure the scale for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth use depending on your preference. This simply means setting up the scale over again.

To set up your Body+ scale:

  • Pull the tab out of the battery compartment at the back of your scale
  • Open the Health Mate app
  • Tap+
  • Tap Scales
  • Tap Body+
  • Tap install
  • Press the pairing button at the back of scale for three seconds to turn it on and tap Next
  • Once the app detects the scale, tap Next. It could take up to a minute for your scale to be detected by your mobile device
  • Select Body+ into the list of accessories. Tap Pair
  • Once the scale is connected to your mobile device, tap Next
  • Select your preferred Wi-Fi network on the list. Type in the Wi-Fi password, then tap OK. If you’re not connecting via Wi-Fi, tap I don’t have a Wi-Fi to install your scale in Bluetooth. The scale will keep the existing Bluetooth connection and setup automatically.
  • Wait for the scale to configure. After that, you can personalize its screen display by ticking and/or dragging and dropping the screen according to your preferences. Once you’re done, tap OK.