Samsung Wireless Charger Not Working: How to Fix

Thanks to the wireless Samsung Charger, you can top up your Galaxy device without bothering about cables. On top of that, the device is handy and easy to use.

Although it is a great device, the wireless charger is not perfect. After all, it tends to stop working due to various issues. However, there are different ways of dealing with such problems.

In this post, we will show you the best tips for fixing your Samsung wireless charger. As expected, each of these ideas can be used without having any technical skills.

samsung wireless charger not working

Samsung Wireless Charger Not Working: DIY Fixes

Now here are the top hacks for fixing a bad charger. But before using our guide, we suggest that you check the owner’s manual of your Galaxy device.

1. Check the Power Source

As you use the Samsung Wireless Charger, make sure the charger stays in the AC adapter. Then insert the device into a good power outlet. If everything works out well, the indicator on the charger should flash briefly.

2. Check the Hardware

Look at the charger and other related accessories. Is there any bent or frayed cables? If you find such damage, then there is a high chance that your wireless charger will not work.

Instead of trying to fix these accessories, it would help if you replaced them. As you shop for these items, stick with genuine Samsung products.

3. Deactivate Fast Charging

Are you bothered about the noise that comes from your wireless charger? Well, there is no need to be worried. After all, the noise comes from an internal fan that cools the charger.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the sound, turn off the fast charging feature of your device. Although the charger will reduce its speed, it will still charge your device properly.

4. Remove the Headphones

Headphones might be a cool way to listen to music or pick up calls. But if connected to a Galaxy device, this accessory can affect the charging properties of the Samsung Wireless Charger.

If your Samsung Wireless Charger does not work, remove any headphones that might be connected to the charged device. Also, ensure that the phone stays in a landscape position.

5. Take Out Extra Accessories

Asides from headphones, loads of items can block the wireless signals from your charger. These products include USB cables, skins, and protectors. Besides some phone cases can also cause problems with wireless changing.

You can avoid this scenario by removing any connected accessories from the Galaxy device. For the best results, remove these accessories from your device before charging it.

6. Change the Device

If you are using an older Samsung device, there is a high chance that it will not work with a wireless charger. With this in mind, it would help if you checked the compatibility of your device before connecting it to these chargers.

There are many ways to ensure the compatibility of a wireless charger. For instance, you could check the owner’s manual of the device. If you can’t find the manual, perform an online search for chargers to suit your device.

7. Enable Fast Charging

Does your wireless charger spend hours before juicing up your battery? If yes, then you could enable its fast charging feature by using the following steps:-

  1. Click on Settings – Battery and Device Care
  2. Click on the Battery – More Battery Settings –
  3. Choose Super Fast Charging and Fast Wireless Charging

8. Switch of the Mobile Data

Many users tend to switch on the mobile data option on their devices, especially during charging. As a result, the device charges slower than expected.

If you are experiencing this problem; switch off the mobile data on your device. Then allow the device to charge for some minutes before looking at the charging speed.

9. Clean the Dust

Check the back of your device and the top of the charger. If you notice any specks of dust, wipe them clean and try to charge the Galaxy device. Within a few moments, your charger should power up your battery to the highest level.

10. Reach Out to the Samsung Customer Service

If you still have issues with your charger, you might have to take your device for repairs. Rather than depending on random technicians, it would help if you contact Samsung Customer Service.

Apart from offering technicians, the service provides various tips for fixing a Samsung Wireless charger. If you want to use any of these services, try their email, telephone number, or the Samsung Members app.


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