Logitech Crayon Not Working: Causes & Fixes

Having trouble with your Logitech Crayon? Here are a few reasons why your crayon might not be working properly.

Logitech Crayon Not Working: Common Causes

logitech crayon not working

There are different reasons why a Logitech Crayon could stop working. From battery issues to software issues. Here are some of the most likely reasons your Crayon isn’t working:

Low battery: Your Logitech Crayon might just be low on battery and need a charge.

Loosened Crayon tip: There’s a good chance your Crayon has a loose Tip. This seems to be a popular problem with Logitech crayons.

Damaged Crayon tip: The Logitech crayon tip is not waterproof and can stop working as a result of constant contact with water.

Incompatibility: The device you are using might not be compatible with a Logitech crayon. Logitech Crayons are only compatible with recent Ipad models. That is 2018 releases and later with iOS version 11.4

The app does not support it: The Logitech Crayon only works with apps that support Apple Pencil input.

Interference by Bluetooth connection: Another thing that might cause your crayon not to work is the iPad being paired via BlueTooth to another device. This would cause an obstruction.

Outdated firmware: Logitech crayons need to have their firmware updated, too.

How to fix a faulty Logitech Crayon

Now we know what could cause a Logitech crayon to stop working, let’s dive in on a few tips on how to fix these problems. My first instinct is usually to turn off and turn my crayon( you might want to try that). But sometimes, it might take more than that to get a Logitech crayon working again.

1. Charge your Crayon

First, you need to check the battery life of your Crayon. To do this, press the power button on your Crayon.

  • Green means the battery is ample or above 10%
  • Red means it is below 10%.
  • Blinking red means the battery is extremely low and needs a charge.

To charge, use a standard lightning cable, basically, any cable that can be used to charge an iPad will do. A full charge could take up to 50mins from 0% – 100%. And do not try using it while charging, as it does not work during charge.

2. Tighten the tip

To do this, first,

Try twisting the Tip cover clockwise to tighten.

If that doesn’t work,

  1.  Look for any Tip eject tool (paper clip or pushpin will do).
  2. Pick up Crayon and locate tiny pinholes on both sides of Crayon.
  3. Use the eject tool to carefully remove Tip cover.
  4. Tighten tip by moving clockwise. Once tight,
  5. Put back tip Cover. Make sure it is secured in place.

If a loose tip is your issue, you should be good to go.

3. Replace the tip if it’s damaged

If your crayon Tip is completely damaged, it might be time to get a new one. Good thing the tip is replaceable.

You can purchase the spare tips from the Logitech website. New tips usually come with instructions on how to replace but here’s a quick guide.

  1. Get new Tip
  2. Use a Tip eject tool to get Tip cover off (the orange cap).
  3. Remove the old Tip
  4. Carefully Place the new Tip firmly in place.
  5. Carefully but securely Put Tip cover back on.

The Tip can be replaced anytime, as long as it’s damaged.

4. Switch off any active Bluetooth connection

The Logitech Crayon does not require Bluetooth pairing to work, but having your iPad paired with another pen, say an Apple pencil, might cause the Crayon not to work. To disconnect Bluetooth from another Pencil,

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select Bluetooth.
  3. Find the connected device(s) in the device menu.
  4. Click “Forget this device”.

5. Update iPad

Logitech Crayon only works with iPad 6th Generation. Make sure your iPad is updated to the latest with the latest iOS version. To learn how to update iOS, click here.

6. Update your Crayon’s software

Updating your iOS software and not updating that of your crayon, might not go down well with your Crayon. So, you need to update your Crayon software regularly.

To update your Crayon, you need to:

  1. Download the Logitech Software update.
  2. Open the app by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. Connect Logitech Crayon to your computer via cable ( make sure the green light on your computer is showing as this means connection successful).
  4. Click UPDATE. Your crayon should begin updating.

The app will notify you when it is updated.

  1. Click CLOSE and unplug Crayon.

Each update should last for about 2 minutes.

If your Logitech Crayon has suddenly stopped working, you might want to try any of these quick fixes before opting for a new one.


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