Apple TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix It

Apple TV remotes usually come in two models; there is the newer Siri Apple TV remote with an inbuilt Siri feature, and the older Apple remote. But like all electronic gadgets, they also fail sometimes.

This article examines the various reasons your Apple TV remote is not working and proffers solutions for fixing it.

apple tv remote not working

Apple TV Remote Not Working? Try These Tips to Fix It

If your Apple TV remote is not working, you should try these general steps first:

  • If you are using a Siri Apple TV remote, charge it for at least 30 minutes since the battery might be low. And if it’s the older Apple model, then change the batteries because they could be dead.
  • Clean your remote with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to remove foreign objects stuck around the buttons that could prevent them from working.
  • Unplug your Apple TV; wait for at least six seconds; then replug it and power it on to reset the connection between your TV and remote.
  • When using the remote, stay within the signal range of your Apple TV and ensure nothing stands between your TV and remote.

If, after taking these steps, your remote is still not functional, then you should apply the following instructions based on the model of your remote, which is either a Siri Apple TV remote or the older Apple remote.

Siri Apple TV Remote: How to Fix

If your Siri Apple TV remote suddenly stops working, then you should try the following;

  • Press Menu on your remote to check if your Apple TV is asleep; if this still fails, then try out the next step.
  • Try to re-pair the remote by staying within three inches from the TV, and then press and hold down the menu and volume button simultaneously for at least five seconds. And when you’re asked to, place the remote on top of your TV to complete the pairing process.

If, after taking these steps, your remote is still not working, then you might need to contact the Apple support center or get a new Siri Apple TV remote.

Apple Remote: More Tips to Fix

If the main steps to fix your Apple remote do not work, then you can follow these steps:

  • Press any button on your Apple remote and check the light response on your TV. If it flashes thrice, that means your TV is paired to a different remote, and you would need to unlink your TV from that remote. However, if the light flashes on your remote when you press buttons but nothing happens, then you would need to link your remote and TV.
  • To unlink your remote and TV, press the menu and right button on your remote for at least six seconds to unlink your remote to your TV. You have successfully unlinked them when you see an image on your TV screen of a remote with two non-touching ovals at an angle above it.
  • After this image pops up, simultaneously hold down the menu and right button again for at least six seconds. This action would be successful when you see a picture of a TV remote with two ovals that overlap and creates an appearance of chain links on your TV screen. This image means your remote is successfully connected to your TV. Your remote ought to respond now.

But if your remote is still not working, you might need to contact the Apple support center or get a new Apple TV remote.