Sanyo TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix It

The Sanyo electrical appliances brand is a household name worldwide, having many products such as refrigerators, standing fans, blenders, and air conditioners among others.

If your Sanyo TV is not responding to its remote control, the problem might be with the remote control and not the TV set. Getting the remote functional again might require a minor fix. Before discarding your TV and remote set for a new one, let’s examine some factors that could affect your remote’s workability and how to fix the problems for ease of operation.

sanyo tv remote not working

Sanyo TV Remote Not Working: Likely Causes

Troubleshooting some of the reasons your Sanyo TV remote may not be working is a vital step to fixing the problem.

Some of the reasons your Sanyo TV remote may stop working include:

  • Battery discharge
  • Inactive sensor
  • Connection
  • Software lag

Battery discharge

Battery discharge could be a reason your Sanyo TV remote is not working. Battery cells could affect the operation of any electrical appliance, and the remote is not exempted. However, it could also be that the remote battery is not properly fixed. Whatever the case, you should just check the battery first.

Inactive sensor

Every remote has an infrared light at its top. This light is like a transmitter, passing radio signals from the remote to the television. Sometimes the reason your Sanyo TV remote is not working is that the sensor on the remote is not communicating with the television.


Your Sanyo TV remote may cease to work because a few cables are not properly connected or have been disconnected. This is more common with a Sanyo TV remote. So before freaking out or rushing off to lodge a complaint with the customer service officer, check your Sanyo TV and remote connection.

Software lag

A software lag occurs when a few seconds elapse from the moment buttons are pressed on the remote control to the time the TV responds to the signal commands. If your TV responds a few seconds late to when you press the remote, then there is a software lag problem.

How To Fix a Sanyo TV Remote That Is Not Working

Troubleshooting the Sanyo TV remote to identify the cause of your TV’s unresponsiveness is a significant step towards fixing the problem.

How to fix a battery discharge

For a battery discharge, the solution is very simple. Get new batteries and discard the old ones. Then make sure that you wipe the battery space with a clean dry cloth if the old battery left some fluid in the space so that the new batteries stay in a clean space.

How to fix an inactive sensor

Observe the Sanyo TV remote infrared sensor by pressing a button on the remote, and looking at the infrared LED light through your phone camera. If the LED is working, you will see a flash on your phone; if it is not, you will see nothing on your phone screen.

If perchance the Sanyo TV remote infrared light is not showing, then change your batteries.

Should the infrared LED be okay, then the fault must be on the infrared light receiver on the TV. To fix this problem, unplug the TV for a while and plug it back in after 8 to 10 minutes. Sometimes, 5 minutes does the trick.

How to fix connection issues

Like in other appliances, if some buttons on your remote control are not working properly, you can contact the Sanyo technical team.

However, before contacting technical support for assistance, you should check the Bluetooth connections and pairings. Disconnect and unpair, then turn the TV off, and unplug the socket for a while; then replug, turn the TV on, pair, and reconnect the Sanyo TV remote to the TV set.

How to fix Sanyo TV software lag

This is very easy to achieve. Just disconnect the remote from the TV, reset the Sanyo Smart TV remote, and reconnect the remote to the TV set. If the trouble persists, contact the technical support center for assistance.


Always try some of our do-it-yourself (DIY) methods first before looking for external help from the technical support center.