Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working: Causes & How to Fix

Being unable to control and operate your Samsung Smart TV because the remote is not working can be quite frustrating, but it is an issue you can troubleshoot and fix yourself.

There are several reasons why your Samsung smart TV’s remote may stop working, but you have to find out what exactly is wrong before you can fix the problem.

Some of the reasons that could affect the functionality of your TV remote control include dirt, weak/bad batteries, and problems with the infrared sensors on either the remote and TV, etc.

samsung smart tv remote not working

Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working: Causes & Fixes

Unless physical damage occurred to your remote, the most likely reason your smart TV remote is not working could simply be because it needs to be reset or the TV needs restarting.

Reset required

 More often than not, your remote only needs to be reset to get it to function again. To reset the remote:

  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Hold the power button down for 8 seconds
  • Insert the batteries back

Once this is done, your remote should start working again.

You could also restart your TV by powering it off, unplugging it from the power outlet, and then turning it back on after about a minute.

However, if the remote still doesn’t work after resetting and restarting the TV, then other factors could be responsible for this.

Some of these and how to fix them are:

Dirty remote control

Accumulated dirt on the surface of the remote makes it sticky, stiff, and unresponsive, and could ultimately lead to it not working.

To get rid of the dirt:

  • Dip a soft cotton cloth into alcohol (you can also use slightly diluted methylated spirit).
  • Rub the entire surface of the remote carefully with the cloth and give attention to the buttons.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to finish the cleaning.

Remember to remove the batteries before cleaning and re-insert when you’re done.

Weak/dead batteries 

Your remote will not be responsive if the batteries are weak or completely dead. To fix this, simply change the batteries and ensure to use the right ones. The correct batteries to use are the 1.5V AA batteries.

To replace the batteries:

  • Pop/slide the battery cover open (depending on your smart TV remote type).
  • Remove the old batteries inside and put the new ones in.
  • Ensure the battery polarities (+/-) are in the correct orientation as inscribed on the back of the remote.

Note that it is better to replace the batteries in pairs than in single units.

Pairing issues 

Your smart TV remote must have been paired with your TV to function in the first place. If the remote stops working, this could be from an issue with the pairing.

To re-pair your remote and TV:

  • Press the return button and the pause/play button together to display the pop-up pairing window.
  • The pairing/syncing of the TV and remote happens automatically once the pop-up window comes up. You’ll get a message when the pairing is successful.

Signal obstruction/interference 

The smart TV and remote can only connect and function together as a result of infrared signals sent back and forth.

The TV could become unresponsive to the remote if there’s an obstruction/interference to the signals sent from the remote device. To fix this, remove any physical object between the remote and the signal receiver on the TV.

Also, electronic appliances like radios and mobile phones can interfere with the signal. Ensure you move these appliances farther away from the TV.

If this is the issue, your remote should start working again once this is done.

If your remote still doesn’t work and you can’t control your smart TV using the remote after following one or more of the fix-it steps above, you might have to seek expert help or contact the Samsung service providers through their website or social media pages.


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