Astro A50 Not Charging: How to Fix within Minutes

When thinking about headphones for gaming with superb sound quality, the Astro A50 is the first option for most gamers. With them, you will be able to pick up every small detail which will boost your reaction time. The sound cues aren’t masked by loud bass as with other headsets and the headphone comes with every feature a gamer can ever dream of.

astro a50 not charging

Astro A50 Not Charging: How to Fix On Your Own

However, some users are unable to charge their Astro A50 after using the headset for a while. The headphone has a base station where you can chase the headset but due to some reasons the charging system won’t work or get the battery full. If you’re at a loss as to why this happens, here are some of the causes and the way to fix them.

1. Inspect Base Station

While most people would think the problem could be the headset, it is most likely due to a defect in the base station. Check the connection points on the charging station to see if they come all the way up after pressing them down one. If you notice a pin on the base station is damaged, then you will have to get it replaced. The base station can be bought separately on the website. Take note, you won’t be able to fix a damaged base station especially if the connection points between the headset and the base station don’t meet. The headset might not charge even if you straighten the pins. You might be able to claim a warranty on the A50 if they are still new. You will have to check the warranty card to see if this is covered.

2. Reset the A50

If the base station is in perfect order, then you should reset the A50. The problem could be a minor glitch that can be fixed by resetting the device. To reset the headset, you will need to take a look at the manual. You can also do that by holding down the game mode and Dolby button for a few sections.

Once the headset is reset, you can connect it to the base station to see if it works. Take note of the charging lights. The LED will turn amber to indicate that the headset is being charged by the station. You might want to try using a USB cable to connect directly to see if the A50 can charge via USB.

3. Exit Standby Mode

This should be the first thing you do but it is not as common as the rest. This fix was actually pointed out by some users and could help you get the A50 charging again. Once the headset is set in Standby mode, it won’t be able to charge. In addition, you won’t be able to reset it.

The problem here is that you can’t simply switch it back to the regular mode instead you’d have to wait for the battery to drain. This takes 17 hours max which could be a long time to wait. Once the battery is completely drained, connect the headset to the dock to see if it charges. To prevent this from happening, avoid using standby mode, and switch off the headset when not in use.

4. Replace the Battery

If you’ve had the Astro A50 for a while, it is likely that it will need a replacement battery as the original is no longer able to hold a charge. Even if your Astro A50 is still new, this could also be the place. This is more likely if you run down the battery completely before recharging it.

While getting the replacement battery could be easy especially if you’re able to find a trusted store, replacing the damaged battery could pose a problem. You will find many Tutorials on YouTube to guide you on this, however, you will have to open the headset to replace the battery.

Opening the headset by yourself will void the warranty which means you can’t send back the headset if any problems arise in the future within your warranty period. You might want to get a professional to handle this which won’t cost much. The problem can also tell you what to do if the replacement battery doesn’t work. When choosing a replacement battery option, go for a 3.7 V lithium battery with a 900mAh capacity.

How to Charge Astro A50

If you just purchased the Astro A50 and you notice that it won’t charge, you should just rush to customer support to ask for assistance. You might be doing things wrongly so checking the manual for instructions should be the first thing that comes to mind.

To charge the A50, you should attach the USB charging cable from the base of the MixAmpTX to the charging port on the A50. The LED light on the A50 will show solid orange to indicate that the headset is charging. Once fully powered, the light will turn red so you can unplug the charger and go ahead to play games.

How Long Does Astro A50 Battery Last?

The Astro A50 battery can provide 8 – 10 hours of on-head action but this will depend on the degree of use. Once drained, you will have to keep it plugged in for up to 5 hours to get a full charge.

How to Charge Astro A50 While Playing Games

If you’re able to get your Astro A50 working again, you won’t have to wait until the battery is fully drained before recharging. In fact, you can go ahead to charge it while you’re playing. This not only helps you to worry less about the batteries running low and the device running out of juice. To charge the headset while playing games, you will need a micro USB cable. This can be purchased at the Astro online store.

When connecting it to the device, ensure that the port you can connect it to provide 5V output with 500mA capacity at the lead. These ratings ensure that the headset will charge properly during use.