Samsung Soundbar Not Working: How to Fix

Most people love a good Samsung soundbar. After all, this device comes with several features for listening to audio from various content. Besides, the soundbar provides these features as long as needed.

Although the device is well built, it tends to go off from time to time. When this happens, its users might be confused about the best steps for fixing them.

samsung soundbar not working

In this post, we will be offering the possible ways to fix a Samsung Soundbar that does not work. If you have such a device, you can use the following ideas to get things sorted.

Samsung Soundbar Not Working: Possible Fixes (DIY)

Here are some of the best ways of fixing the Samsung soundbar. As expected, you can use these tips without having any technical skills.

1. Check the Power

As your Samsung Soundbar goes off, it would help if you checked the power source of the device. But instead of focusing on the soundbar itself, ensure that the gadget is connected to a working socket.

2. Use the Correct Source

On the Samsung soundbar, you can choose the option that suits your source device. But if you pick the wrong option, the soundbar will not work.

Let’s say you want to play music from a Bluetooth device. First, you select the Bluetooth option on the soundbar before connecting it to the device. Then play the desired content over the soundbar.

3. Focus on the Cables

Before the soundbar can work, you should ensure that the cables are inserted into their respective slots. But if the device remains silent, you could try another set of cables.

For the best results, get the original set of Samsung cables. If you are not sure about the best spot for getting these accessories, you could call the Samsung Support Center. You can even purchase these devices from reliable online marketplaces.

4. Change Your TV Settings

If your TV talks but the soundbar stays quiet, it might be time to work on TV settings. To use this hack, ensure that the TV is set to use external speakers. Although there are different settings for performing this task, here are the general steps that work with Samsung TVs.

  1. Scroll to the Audio / Sound
  2. Select the Speaker Select/ Speaker Settings

5. Update the Firmware on Your TV /Soundbar

If you connect your soundbar to a TV, we suggest that you get the latest software for both devices.  By using this hack, you can remove any glitches that might affect the performance of your soundbar.

If you want to update your Samsung TV, try the following steps:

  1. Click on Settings – Support – Software Update – Update Now
  2. Wait for the update process to be completed

To update the Samsung soundbar:

  1. Connect the soundbar to a Wifi network.
  2. Remove the soundbar, subwoofer, and sub speaker from the power source.
  3. Launch the SmartThings app on your mobile device.
  4. Choose the soundbar icon from the screen on your phone.
  5. Click the three dots on the upper part of the screen
  6. Click on Information – Firmware Update – Update Now
  7. Use the on-screen instructions until you have completed the update.

6. Reach Out to the Samsung Support Centre

If the above ideas do not work with your Samsung soundbar, then we suggest that you get additional advice from the Samsung support center. After all, this platform includes various ideas for making the soundbar work. You can even use this platform to get repairs for your soundbar.

The Samsung Support service can be reached via telephone or email. Besides, you can also reach out to the service via its social media pages.