Bose Headphone Microphone Not Working: How to Fix

The Bose headphones are one of the popular devices for enjoying audio. Asides from allowing you to listen to various content, the headphones provide a decent microphone.

Although the microphone is well-built, it tends to have a few issues. According to some users, this device might not work as expected.

In this article, we will discover the various causes of a broken microphone on Bose headphones. If you are a Bose user, you can use these tips to solve the problem.

bose headphone microphone not working

Bose Headphones Microphone Not Working: DIY Fixes

Here are some of the best ways to fix a broken microphone on Bose headphones.

1. Use an Adapter

If you are experiencing some issues with using your Bose headphone with phones, then you might have to work with installing a USB adapter. Unlike Bluetooth models, this device provides high-quality sound for the microphone. As you are looking for the best results, choose an adapter that is compatible with the Bose headset.

2. Change Your Bluetooth Profile

On Windows, the Bose headphones use two profiles – headphones and handsfree. Supposing you notice any issues with the microphone on your headset, it would help if you left the profile on handsfree.

3. Reset Your Microphone

As with most devices, a quick reset should make your microphone better. For the best results, switch off the headset for about 30 seconds. Then plug the headset into the power outlet for a few seconds before pairing it with your computer or smartphone.

4. Get the Latest Drivers

If you are still experiencing any problems with using Bose headphones on Windows, you might have to uninstall the current drivers. Then download the latest drivers that your mother card or soundcard has to offer. To use this method:

  • Open Search on your PC
  • Type in devicemngr and open device manager
  • Scroll to your audio device, right-click and pick Uninstall Device
  • Visit the website of the manufacturer of your soundcard or motherboard
  • Download and install the latest audio drivers

5. Change Your Sound Settings

Are you having issues with using wireless Bose headphones microphone on the macOS? If yes, then you solve this problem by using the following steps:

  • Click the Apple icon from the Menu bar
  • Go to System Preferences
  • Double click the Sound Icon
  • Click the Output and Input

6. Unmute the Headset

The Bose headphones have a Mute feature that stops sound from traveling via the microphone. If this feature is active, you might think that the microphone on the headphones has issues.

You can unmute your wireless Bose headphones by pressing the Volume + and Volume – buttons at the same time. Then wait for a voice prompt to confirm the status of the headset.

7. Ask for Assistance

Supposing our tips do not solve your microphone issues, then it might be time to get in touch with the Bose customer service. When it comes down to it, this platform offers the best technical advice for fixing the microphone. Luckily, you can reach this service via phone or email.

8. Use the Owner’s Manual

You can also fix your Bose microphone with headphones by using the advice provided with the included manual. If you can’t find your copy, perform an online search for the pdf version and download it.

9. Get a New Pair of Headphone

Supposing your Bose headphones do not still work, then you will have to replace them with a new pair. You can pick a replacement from any trusted electronics dealer or online marketplace. As you shop for a new headphone, look for something compatible with your PC or mobile device.