Ember Mug Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

The Ember Mug is designed to keep your coffee or tea hot for hours so you won’t have to do that yourself. However, this really expensive coffee mug can experience some problems. If you’re experiencing difficulties such as being unable to charge your Ember Mug, it could be due to several reasons.

Ember Mug Not Charging: Likely Causes & How to Fix

ember mug not charging

Before you go ahead to start fixing things, you should read the user’s manual just to know how the Ember Mug work. There are chances that the problem could be due to a miscalculation on your part which might make it difficult to claim the warranty.

In this piece, we are going to break down the causes of Ember Mug not charging and reveal the fixes you can apply.

Soft Reset the Ember Mug

This fix works if the Ember Mug is not charging or heating. Soft resetting the Ember Mug simply means turning it on and off again.

The instructions are pretty simple;

  • Hold the power button on the bottom of the Ember Mug for about 3 seconds.
  • The light on the mug will fade indicating that the mug has turned off.
  • Turn it back on by pressing and holding the same button until the LED light comes back on.
  • You can try charging it again to see if it works

Hard Reset the Ember Mug

A soft reset will solve the problem in some cases, but if it doesn’t help you, then you might want to try a hard reset. A hard reset will return the Ember Mug back to its factor settings which will clear out any software issues that is, preventing the device from charging.

To perform a hard reset;

  • Press and hold the power button on the base of the mug for 10 or more seconds.
  • The LED light will blink blue, yellow, and then red to indicate the mug is being reset
  • Once you see all three colors, let go of the power button
  • Wait till the LED pulses back to white to confirm that the reset is successful

If you own an Ember Travel Mug, the process to a hard reset is just the same as the regular Ember Mug, however, there are slight differences.

  • Place a paper clip into the hold on the bottom of the mug until you hear a click
  • Hold for up to 10 seconds until the Ember displays “RESET” and then “HELLO”. This means the reset was successful.

Check if the Charger is Broken

A charging problem could be due to the charger of the device rather than a software issue. This is common with the Ember Mug and it could be one of the toughest problems to fix. The problem here is that the prongs on the charging coaster could get stuck in a depressed position. When this happens, the Ember Mug will not be able to charge.

To fix this problem, you could turn the coaster upside down and charge the Ember Mug upside down. This will work in some cases. A better option will be to check the warranty. If your mug is still within the 1-year window, you could be able to get a replacement charger at no extra cost.

If not, then you will have to spend on a replacement charger. Keep in mind that the Ember Mug is quite expensive so the charger won’t come cheap. You might want to consider purchasing a brand new Ember Mug that comes with the charging coaster if the cost is too high. You could keep the old coaster for parts and save yourself some extra costs in the future.

How to Charge the Ember Mug

Sometimes charging problems can be resolved by charging the Ember Mug properly.

To charge the Ember Mug:

  • Place it on the charging coaster and it will charge immediately.
  • The 2 prongs on the charging coaster will line up with the gold rings on the bottom of the Ember Mug. This setting allows electricity to flow to charge the mug.
  • When set properly on the charging coaster, the LED light at the bottom of the Ember Mug will light up red and pulsate on and off to indicate that the Ember Mug is charging. When the Ember Mug is completely charged, the light will switch to green indicating the mug is fully charged.
  • You can pair the Ember Mug to your iPhone using the Ember App. This will also help you to check and confirm that the mug is charging. In the app, you can also check the exact percentage the mug is at while it is charging.

To pair your Ember Mug with the Ember App:

  • Download and install the Ember App on your mobile device.
  • Open the Ember App and click on the setting gear in the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Go to the “Battery Level” section where you will find the battery percentage.

How to Charge the Ember Travel Mug

Unlike the smaller Ember Mug, you won’t find colored LED lights on the Ember Travel Mug. However, there is a way to confirm that the mug is charging.

You can charge the Ember Travel Mug just the same way by placing it on the charging coaster. When done, the mug will show a partially filled pulsating battery on the front LED display. When fully charged, you will find the image of a full solid battery that doesn’t pulse.

You can also check the battery status of the Ember App. You will find a lightning bolt that tells you that the battery is charging and you can also check the percentage of the Ember Travel Mug.

Final Thoughts

You can start by performing soft reset before moving to a hard reset. These fixes should help you solve charging problems in the Ember Mug and the Ember Travel Mug. If you find that the charger is damaged, then you should get a replacement right away. Ensure the replacement charger has the same specs as the faulty charger.


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