Samsung Dryer Not Heating: How to Fix

With a Samsung dryer, you can take out the moisture from your clothing within a short period. After all, the device promises enough heat to deal with the wetness.

But sometimes things can go wrong. For instance, the dryer might not be hot enough for your clothing. Besides, the dryer might remain too cool to do anything on the fabric.

Luckily, there are different ways that you can get this problem fixed. So before taking your dryer for repairs, you can use the following ideas to work on your Samsung dryer.

samsung dryer not heating

Samsung Dryer Not Heating? Try These Fixes

Here are some of the best ways to deal with a faulty Samsung dryer. But before using our ideas, we recommend that check the Samsung manual or website for the best advice.

1. Check the Power Source

Is your dryer connected to a power source? If not, then you might have found the reason for your non-heating dryer.

You can solve this problem by pushing the plug firmly into a socket. Supposing, the dryer does not heat up, remove its plug from the outlet and fix it into another one. Also, avoid using an extension cord as a power source for your heater.

2. Check the Wires

Frayed or torn wires can also make your dryer remain cool. When it comes down to it, this type of damage prevents your dryer from getting the required energy for drying your clothes.

Look around the plug for any torn wires. Supposing, you find such items, reach out to the Samsung Centre for extra help.

3. Adjust the Settings

On the Samsung dryer, some cycles run without heat. When activated, you might think that your dryer has some heating issues.

Perm press is one of the features that does not require excess heat. So before your dryer can increase the energy, it would help if you turned off the feature. Before you can improve the heat on your dryer, turn of Perm Press with the touch of a button.

4. Avoid Air Fluff Mode

Air Fluff might be great for drying different materials. But as it does not use heat, you might think that the Samsung dryer is ready to work on your clothes.

If the problem comes from the Airfluff settings, the solution involves disabling the mode. For this task, you will have to check if the Airfluff mode is activated.

Normally, pushing a button can make things better. But as there are different models, you will have to consult the owner’s manual of the preferred dryer to switch off this mode.

5. Take Out the Lint

Supposing your dryer cannot get rid of hot moist air, it will not produce the right amount of heat needed to dry your clothes. Most times, this problem is caused by dirt hanging around the lint filter.

As expected, cleaning the filter can improve the heating of the machine. To remove the dirt properly, you should use the following steps:

  • Open the door and take out the lint filter
  • Remove the inner filter from the outer part
  • Unfold the inner and outer filter
  • Take out the lint from both items
  • Gently the filter with running water and a brush.
  • Allow the outer and inner brush to dry.
  • Reinstall both items into the dryer.

7. Clean Your Exhaust Vent

Are you still looking for an easy way to turn up the heat on your Samsung dryer? If yes, then you will have to clean out the exhaust vent.

But this activity should not be a daily affair. Depending on your use, you could schedule the cleaning program twice a year or even once in two years. Also, ensure that you use the services of a professional cleaner for this task.

8. Turn of Eco Dry Mode

To conserve energy, Samsung offers the Eco Dry mode on some of its dryers. As with most modes on this list, activating this feature can reduce heat levels on your dryer. Even if this mode can take out the moisture, it makes the dryer spend more time on your clothes.

If you are willing to spend more energy on drying your clothes, you will have to switch to Eco Dry on your dryer. For the best results, you should perform this setting before every cycle.

9. Squeeze Your Clothes

Dripping clothes tend to take much time to dry. Even if you have the right amount of heat, your laundry can remain moist for longer periods. You can reduce the workload by squeezing wet clothing before placing it in the dryer.

10. Call the Customer Centre

If our tips are not solving your issue, you will have to reach out to the Samsung Customer center. Asides from offering the best DIY tips, this service provides certified technicians for handling a dryer with little or no heat.