Apple Watch Keeps Locking and Asking for Password [FIXED]

To keep your data safe, the Apple Watch locks itself especially after removing it from your wrist. But if the device gets locked on your wrist, then it might have some issues.

It can be frustrating if you have an Apple watch that locks randomly. After all, it might request passwords for

There are several ways that you can fix an Apple Watch that gets locked on your wrist. In this post, we have listed various ways that can help solve the problem.

apple watch keeps locking

Apple Watch Keeps Locking and Asking for Password: How to Fix

Now here are the best ways to deal with an Apple watch that always requests passwords. As expected, our tips can be performed by anyone including users without technical expertise.

a. Wear the Watch Correctly

Do you prefer wearing your watch loosely around your wrist? If yes, then your wearing style might be the cause of your problem. After all, the watch needs to touch your skin before it can remain unlocked.

You can avoid this issue by making the watch feel snug on your wrist. As you wear the device, ensure that it stays close to your wrist bone.

b. Clean Your Apple Watch

Dirt might look harmless. But when gets to the back of your watch and mixes with sweat, then you might end up with an Apple watch problem.

So how does the resulting grime make your Apple watch lock? Well, the dirt reduces the contact between your skin and the watch. As a result, the watch might think that you took it off and then lock itself.

With this in mind, it might help if you cleaned the Apple Watch. For the best results, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your Apple watch
  • Remove any non-water resistant wristbands
  • Clean the watch and bands with a lightly dampened soft cloth.
  • Dry the watch and bands with the same type of material
  • Reattach the bands to watch

c. Change Your Watch Settings

This comes as another quick hack for dealing with an Apple Watch that locks quickly. To use this solution, open the Watch App on your device. Go to the My Watch tab and click Passcode. Then choose ” Turn Passcode On” and input your preferred passcode.

d. Reset Your Apple Watch and iPhone

A forced restart might be the only option for fixing your dealing with your frozen Apple watch. But before restarting the device, perform the same option on the iPhone. If you are not sure about the best way to restart your Apple Watch or iPhone, check the owner’s manual of the respective products

e. Visit the Apple Repair Store

If any of our methods have failed, you might have to visit an Apple service center. Asides from offering repairs, this service might recommend other solutions for your Apple Watch problem.

Extra Tips for Fixing an Apple Watch that Keeps Locking

As you try to fix your Apple Watch, you can use the following tips to get the best results

(a) Avoid Soap

As you clean your watch and band, do not use soap or any other cleaning materials. Instead stick with a soft, non-lint cloth and water.

(b)  Do Not Wear It Tight

Although the watch works by touching your skin, there is no need to make it extra tight. Normally, a snug fit is enough to make it work.

(c) Avoid Force

The Apple Watch might be durable. However, it would help if you used gentle strokes especially while cleaning it.