Apple Watch Keeps Showing Apple Logo: How to Fix

For many people, the Apple Watch is an ideal device for work and play. Asides from having numerous features, the watch stands as a proper way to access your iOS device.

But as with any gadget in the world, the Apple Watch isn’t perfect. When it comes down to it, this device might get freeze and leave the Apple logo on the screen.

Although it looks like a tough problem, there are different ways to get it fixed. In this post, we will be looking at several ways to deal with a stuck Apple watch.

apple watch keeps showing apple logo

Apple Watch Keeps Showing Apple Logo? Try These Fixes

Now here are the top solutions for a bad Apple watch. But before using any of these tips, please check the owner’s manual of your watch for additional advice. As you use these hacks, ensure that the battery is at 100%.

1. Do a Factory Reset

If you perform a factory reset on the Apple watch, you might clear the stuck Apple Logo from your screen. But before using this solution, remember to backup your data on the iCloud.

Now here are the steps needed to perform a full reset.

  • Get your Apple watch
  • Navigate to General -> Reset -> Erase all Content and Settings
  • Type in your Apple password into the featured prompt
  • Hit the Erase All button
  • Allow the watch to restart
  • Reconnect your watch to your iPhone

2. Do a Forced Restart

Are you still looking for a good way to deal with an Apple Watch with a stuck logo? If yes, then you should consider a forced restart on your device.

To get started, press and hold the two buttons at the edge of your watch. If you can’t find any changes, repeat the process numerous times.

Allow the watch to make a sound. If it gets to this stage, your watch should start to work perfectly.

3. Try Chiming

Chiming works best for stuck Apple watches that are still connected to their iOS devices. To use this method, check the iPhone Home Screen -> Watch App -> Find My Watch (click three times)

4. Update the Watch’s OS

Sometimes, a stuck screen might be the result of a software glitch. But with an update, you can deal with any issues and improve the performance of your watch.

There is nothing much to performing an update. With the following steps, you can complete the task within a few minutes.

  • Pair your Apple watch to your iPhone
  • Launch the Watch App
  • Click the Software Update tab
  • Type in your Apple passcode

5. Disable the Screen Curtain Mode

On the iPhone, the Screen Curtain mode allows you to switch off your display for added privacy. When this feature is turned on, you might confuse it for a frozen screen problem.

  • Ensure your iPhone is paired to the Apple Watch
  • Launch the Watch App on your phone
  • Go to General Tab -> Accessibility
  • Turn off the VoiceOver settings
  • Scroll to Screen Curtain settings

6. Contact an Apple Repair Centre

If you still have issues with your Apple Watch, consider visiting an Apple Repair center. After all, this service provides the best fixes for an Apple Watch with a stuck logo. To access this service, you can reach the center by mail or telephone.