Fitbit Heart Rate Not Working: How to Fix

For many users, the Fitbit is a perfect way to measure their heart rates. However, there are times when the watch cannot provide this reading.

If you have this issue, do not panic. After all, there are several hacks for dealing with such Fitbit problems. On top of that, these solutions are listed in this article.

fitbit heart rate not working

Fitbit Heart Rate Not Working: DIY Fixes

Here are some of the best steps for fixing a Fitbit that cannot read heart rates. But before using our guide, we suggest that you check the owner’s manual of your device.

 1. Wear the Watch Properly

As you use the Fitbit, make sure you wear the watch correctly. If worn properly, the device tends to provide accurate settings.

So what’s the best way to wear a Fitbit. Well, you can wear it like any other watch. But make sure that the band does not slip off.

2. Relax Your Wrist

Supposing you perform vigorous exercises with the Fitbit, the device might provide a blank heart rate reading. Instead of taking the watch for repairs, leave the watch on your wrist and relax it. Then stay still for 10 seconds and wait for the heat rate tracking to begin. A

3. Restart Your Watch

Are you still having issues with your Fitbit? If yes, then you might have to reboot the Fitbit before your workouts. Here are the best steps for rebooting a Fitbit watch:-

For instance, if you are using the Versa, Sense Iconic models:

  1. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds
  2. Wait for the logo to appear on the screen and release the button.

If you are using the Charge 5 and Luxe models :

  1. Swipe down the screen
  2. Click on the Settings app
  3. Hit Restart Device – Restart

4. Use the Right Bracelet

It is possible to switch bracelets on the Fitbit watch. But as there are tons of options, it would help if you choose straps that stay tight on your wrist.

You can pick a good strap from the Fitbit website. Supposing you can’t find one, you can use products with good reviews on the trusted online marketplaces

5. Switch on the Heart Tracker

Although it can be rare, you might have forgotten to switch on the heart tracker of your watch. With this scenario, you might think that the tracker has issues.

To activate the heartbeat tracker on your Fitbit:-

  1. Click Settings – Heart Rate – ON

If you are using the Fitbit app:-

  1. Click Tab – Profile Picture – Device Image
  2. Hit the Device Image
  3. Hit Heart Rate – Auto

6. Do Nothing

Yes. If the screen is grayed out, you should wait for a few minutes before everything comes to normal. Although the dull screen looks like trouble, it is a sign of your watch looking for a better signal.

7. Update Your Firmware

As soon as the heart tracker acts weird, you should upgrade its firmware to the latest version. Then clear the User data on the heart tracker. When it comes down to it, this hack allows you to use the device without any problems.

Before updating your software, make sure the device is in sync. To use this function:-

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device
  2. Click on ” Clear User Data”

8. Head to Customer Service

If you are still having issues with your Fitbit, you will have to contact Fitbit Customer Service. As with most big brands, Fitbit uses this platform to repair any faults on its trackers or provide extra tips for using the device.

You can call Fitbit Customer service or even send them an email. Within a few moments, you should expect a reply with a possible solution.


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