Fitbit One Not Syncing: How to Fix

Since its launch, the Fitbit One has become a top device for tracking various activities. After all, this device provides accurate stats while using battery life.

But as with many trackers, the Fitbit isn’t perfect. According to some users, this tracker does not sync properly. As a result, they do not enjoy the full performance of the product.

Now if you are one of such users, you might feel like dumping your Fitbit One. However, there are different ways that you make deal with the syncing problems of the tracker. On top of that, these hacks can be used without having any special skills.

fitbit one not syncing

Fitbit One Not Syncing: DIY Fixes

Here are some of the top ideas for syncing your Fitbit. But before using the following hacks, we suggest that you check the owner’s manual for extra advice.

1. Install the Latest App

Supposing you cannot sync the Fitbit One, try looking at the version of your Fitbit app. If it looks outdated, then there is a high chance that it might have syncing problems.

To get the latest version of the Fitbit App:

For Andriod devices:

  1. Hit the Playstore app
  2. Hit the Menu icon at the upper corner of the app.
  3. Select My Apps & Games
  4. Check the Update list for the Fitbit app. If you find the app, hit the Update button beside it.

2. Remove Other Bluetooth Devices

If your Fitbit One still has syncing issues, then you might have to reduce the number of Bluetooth devices surrounding it. After all, such devices tend to interfere with the syncing features of the tracker.

To avoid this scenario, look around the tracker and take out phones, Bluetooth dongles, and other Bluetooth gadgets. Then try to check if the Fitbit can sync correctly.

3. Update Your OS

Asides from updating the app, getting the latest OS on your device can make things better. If you are not sure of the right steps for updating your mobile device, try the following steps.

For IOS devices:

  1. Plug your IOS device into a power outlet
  2. Connect the IOS device to a WiFi network
  3. Click on Settings – General – Software Update
  4. Select your preferred software
  5. Click on Install Now

For Android devices:

  1. Connect the device to a power outlet
  2. Connect the device to a Wifi Network
  3. Click on Settings – Check for Updates – Click on Update ( If any)
  4. Follow the provided steps on your screen.

4. Restart Your Device

Still, having issues with your Fitbit One? If yes, then you could restart your device and see if the issue has been resolved. But before you can get the best results, perform a reset with the following steps:-

  1. Log out of the FB app
  2. Switch off the Bluetooth on your mobile device
  3. Connect your Fitbit with its charging cable.
  4. Connect the charging cable to the computer
  5. Press and hold the tracker button for 10 – 12 seconds
  6. Disconnect the tracker from the charging cable
  7. Switch on the tracker
  8. Switch on the Bluetooth
  9. Launch the FB app
  10. Check if the Fitbit One syncs

5. Try the Ultimate Solution

Although this hack looks like restarting your device, it is a combo of extra steps. As you use this idea, avoid other Bluetooth devices and stay with a good Now here are the steps for using this idea

  1. Connect your Fitbit with its charging cable.
  2. Connect the charging cable to the computer
  3. Press and hold the tracker button for 10 – 12 seconds
  4. Disconnect the tracker from the charging cable
  5. Switch on the tracker
  6. Connect the tracker back to the charger
  7. Go to Bluetooth settings and check if the tracker is on the list of paired devices. If yes, click on the device and select Forget
  8. Restart your phone
  9. Launch the Fitbit app
  10. Click Account Icon – Set Up New Device
  11. Select Your Device and follow the onscreen instructions

6. Reach Out to the Fitbit Tech Support

If any of our suggestions do not work with your device, you will have to contact Fitbit Tech Support. Asides from offering tips for fixing your Fitbit One, the service provides repairs for any hardware issues.

You can reach the service via phone or email. Besides, you can drop your complaint on the Fitbit website.


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