Apple Watch Keeps Locking: How to Fix

As an Apple watch user, your data is safe from prying eyes. After all, this device secures itself immediately after leaving your wrist. So even if you forgot to lock the watch, your data remains hidden.

But sometimes, the Apple watch can get locked randomly. When this happens, using the watch might be frustrating for any user including you.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can fix your Apple watch. If you check this article, you can discover these techniques that will help fix the problem.

apple watch keeps locking

Apple Watch Keeps Locking: Possible Solutions

Now here are the ideal ways to fix an Apple Watch that locks itself unexpectedly. As expected, each of these solutions can be performed within minutes.

1. Wear the Watch Properly

As you wear the Apple watch, ensure that the device stays properly on your wrist. If it feels too loose, the watch will not be able to touch your skin and work properly.

Now the question comes – how do you fix an Apple Watch that goes off? Well, you can start by wearing the watch snugly on your arm. As you set the device, make sure it gets close to your wrist.

2. Get Rid of Dirt

Before your Apple Watch can stay unlocked, it should maintain contact with your skin. So if any sweat or grime stays at the back of your accessory, the contact reduces and results in a locked Apple Watch.

As expected, a good cleaning is enough to get things on track. If you are not sure of the best ways to clean your watch, then follow these steps:

  • Turn off your Apple watch
  • Remove any non-water resistant wristbands
  • Clean the watch and bands with a lightly dampened soft cloth.
  • Dry the watch and bands with the same type of material
  • Reattach the bands to the Apple watch

3. Do a Reboot

As with most issues with the Apple Watch, a reboot might be the solution to your locking problem. But as you use this method, turn off the connected iPhone before switching off the Apple Watch. Then restart both devices and check if the locking problem has stopped.

4. Visit the Apple Repair Store

If any of our methods have failed, you might have to visit an Apple service center. Asides from offering repairs, this service might recommend other solutions for your Apple Watch problem.

Extra Tips for Fixing an Apple Watch that Keeps Locking

As you try to fix your Apple Watch, you can use the following tips to get the best results

Avoid Soap

As you clean your watch and band, do not use soap or any other cleaning materials. Instead stick with a soft, non-lint cloth and water.

Do Not Wear It Tight

Although the watch works by touching your skin, there is no need to make it extra tight. Normally, a snug fit is enough to make it work.

Avoid Force

The Apple Watch might be durable. However, it would help if you used gentle strokes especially while cleaning it.