Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging: How to Fix

Since its first models, the Samsung Galaxy watch has become a popular device among tech enthusiasts. When it comes down to it, this device has great features for work or play. Although the product is well designed, it might act up from time to time.

To keep the device running, you will have to charge it from time to time. But due to some issues, the battery might not respond to any length of charging.

Now, do you have a Samsung watch that remains low especially after plugging it in for a long time? If yes, then you can check our article for the best ways to handle this problem.

samsung watch not charging

Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging? Try These Fixes

Although we have come up with the best tips for dealing with a non-charging Samsung watch, we recommend that you get additional advice from the Samsung Galaxy owner’s manual.

1. Check the Power Source

Even if it looks like an easy task, getting a dependable power source can ease your charging worries. Supposing your Samsung Galaxy watch does not charge at an outlet, take its dock to another power source. If you have the Galaxy watch battery that does not charge, then you will have to try other options.

2. Get a New Charger/USB Cord

With regular use, the Samsung Galaxy watch charger might have damaged wires. As a result, you might not be able to get the energy needed to power your watch.

You can charge the Samsung Galaxy watch with another charger/USB cord for a while. If the battery remains flat, you might have to find another solution.

3. Try a Reset

From time to time, the Samsung Galaxy Watch experiences a software glitch. Apart from disturbing the normal features of the phone, this issue might result in a charging problem. However, a quick reset has a high chance of dealing with such problems.

To perform a reboot on your Samsung Galaxy Watch :

  • Press and hold the Home Button
  • Wait for the Systems Options to pop up on the screen
  • Choose the Power Off option
  • Allow the watch to go off
  • Press and hold the Power button to reboot the device

4. Use the Right Charging Dock

As there are different Samsung Watch Galaxy models, there are also different charging docks. So if you charge your Samsung Galaxy model with the dock meant for another variant, the battery will remain weak or flat.

5. Get the Band Out of the Way

Your metal wristband might make your Galaxy watch look cool. But this accessory can disturb the charging operations of your Galaxy watch and even cause some level of damage. To avoid this problem, detach the band from the watch before placing it on the dock.

6. Use Wireless Powershare

Wireless Powershare is a feature that allows Samsung devices ( including the watch) to charge without a dock. Before you can use this feature, enable Wireless Power on the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10. Then position the watch at the back of any of these devices.

7. Restore the Factory Settings on Your Watch

If you wouldn’t mind taking your watch to its original state, a factory reset might be the best option for dealing with a Samsung Galaxy problem. As this method wipes everything on your watch, it would help if you backed up your data before using this method.

Now here are the steps needed to carry out a reset on the Samsung Galaxy Active:-

  • Open the Application by hitting the Home button
  • Swipe left twice on the main screen
  • Hit the Settings option
  • Choose General -> Reset
  • Hit the check icon

8. Call the Samsung Customer Care Service

Are you still having issues with your device? If yes, then you will have to consult Samsung Customer service for the best ways to deal with the charging issue. Asides from offering advice, this center offers repair services.

Other Tips for Charging the Samsung Watch

Now here are some tips that can improve the charging process on the Galaxy Watch.

1. Use Samsung-approved accessories to power up your phone.

Third-party accessories can power help charge your watch. However, they might cause irreparable damage to your item. Instead of using these accessories, pick Samsung charging devices to power up your watch.

2. Allow the Watch to Charge Properly

As you are powering your watch, do not use it at the same time as you are charging it.  Asides from disturbing the process, it might make your watch suffer damage.