Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Turning On: How to Fix

Since its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has become an ideal device for its many users. When it comes down to it, this accessory has enough features for various functions.

As expected, this accessory is designed to offer the best services. But as with most devices, the Samsung Galaxy Watch might come on even if you hit its Power button

Fortunately, there are many ways to solve this problem. If you go through this article, you will discover these solutions and how to use them.

samung galaxy watch not turning on

Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Turning On: Possible Fixes

Now here are some of the best ways to fix a Samsung Galaxy Watch that does not come on.

1. Charge the Device

As with most devices, the Samsung Galaxy Watch uses batteries. As soon as the power source dies, the accessory will stop working. However, you can easily tackle this issue with a proper charge.

Start by plugging its adapter into a power source and inserting the other end into the charger port. Next, place the Galaxy Watch (with its back) on the dock. Then wait for a red light to appear on the watch.

2. Try a Reboot

If your Galaxy watch remains dead, then a reboot might save the day. When it comes down to it, this method might remove any glitches that might disturb the device.

Press and hold the Power and Back button at the same time. Continue holding the buttons until the “Rebooting” shows.  Then release the keys and wait for the Reboot to be completed.

3. Get a New Power Outlet

Charging the Samsung Galaxy Watch might serve as a great way to fix its power issues. But if you use a faulty power outlet for this task, the watch will not have enough power for a decent charge.

To avoid this scenario, ensure that your preferred wall outlet works perfectly. If the outlet does not work, try another location and see if the watch works.

4. Use the Power Button

By working with the Power Button, you can quickly turn on a Samsung Galaxy watch that does not work. If you want to use this method, plug in the Samsung watch to a wall outlet. As the accessory charges, hold the Power button for 10 seconds and wait for it to power on.

5. Get a Laptop

Is your Galaxy Watch still turned off? Are you still having power issues with the accessory? If yes, then you might have to use a laptop as a charging point for the watch. To use this method, plug in one end of your USB port to watch while the other end goes to the computer.

6. Pick a New Charger

With regular use, the charger for your Samsung Galaxy watch might have issues. So if your watch does not power on (especially after a charge), then you should change your charging accessory.

You can pick a good replacement charger from the Samsung store. If you are not sure about the right product to choose from, you can seek help from the Samsung user forums.

7. Get a New Battery

Yes. Getting a new battery (for the Samsung Galaxy) is a good way to solve any power issues. But it would help if you visited a certified Samsung repair center to provide the ideal battery for the watch. On top of that, this service offers the best hands for fixing this power source.

8. Get Repairs

If our ideas do not work for your device, then you will have to perform some repairs on the watch. Luckily, Samsung offers technical support for its Galaxy watches. Depending on your warranty, you might not even pay for the service.

Tips for Using the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Although there are different ways to fix a Samsung Galaxy watch that does not work, you can keep the device from having issues by using the following tips.

a. Perform Regular Updates

Running on the latest software for your watch is ideal for enhancing its performance. After all, this task removes any glitches that might cause any Samsung Galaxy power issues.

You can start by updating your watch from its settings or the phone. But as you operate, ensure that you have a stable data and power connection.

b. Uninstall Unused Apps

Remember the app that lies idle on your Galaxy watch? According to experts, such software can weaken the battery and shorten its lifespan. With this in mind, it would help if you removed the apps from your accessory.

If you are not sure of the right steps for uninstalling apps from a Galaxy watch, you should use the following steps:

  • Press the Home button on the screen of the watch.
  • Rotate the bezel to navigate to your preferred app for removal.
  • Touch and hold the watch screen until Edit mode appears.
  • Tap the Delete icon.
  • Click on the Accept button.

c. Switch off the Bluetooth and WiFi

Remember to turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi services on your Galaxy Watch. If left on, these features on your watch can drain your battery and switch it off. You can find the steps for turning off the Bluetooth and WiFi on your Samsung Galaxy Watch from the included owner’s manual.

d. Adjust the Brightness

As expected, excess brightness can consume the battery on your phone. But you can make your battery last longer by using a lower setting or the Automatic brightness feature.

e. Use the Right Accessories

The charger of your Samsung watch might be built to last. However, it is advised that you use this device with care. For instance, resist any urge to wrap the cable around any object.