Sony Youtube TV Not Working: How to Fix

There are tons of things that you can do with the latest Sony TVs. Asides from providing great pictures and audio, these products allow you to view content from Youtube.

As expected, Sony TVs allows its users to access Youtube content with ease. But due to some reasons, some users might not be able to launch the app on the TVs.

Are you a Sony TV user? Do you have problems with opening the Youtube app on this product? If yes, you can use this article to make things better.

sony youtube tv not working

Sony Youtube TV Not Working: DIY Fixes

Here are some of the best ways to fix a Sony TV that does support Youtube. But before using our guide, consult the Sony TV manual for extra advice.

1. Reboot the TV

Before heading to the store for repairs, you should perform a reboot on your Sony TV. When it comes down to it, this hack might clear any glitches that might prevent Youtube from opening on the device.

To perform a reset on your Sony TV:

  • Disconnect any USB devices from the TV
  • Point the remote towards the television and hold the Power button.
  • Wait for the TV to restart automatically

2. Deal with the Data and Cache

Supposing your TV still has the Youtube problem, then you should consider this fix. But instead of clearing the data off any app, you will have to focus on Youtube.

Although it looks technical, anyone can perform this operation on the Sony TV. With the following steps, you can clear the cache on the models with Andriod 9.

  • Hit the Home button on your Sony TV remote
  • Choose Settings – Apps – See all Apps – Show System Apps
  • Select YouTube from the System app category
  • Navigate to Clear Cache and press OK

But if you want to clear the data:

  • Hit the Home button on your Sony TV remote
  • Choose Settings – Apps – See all Apps – Show System Apps
  • Select YouTube from the System app category
  • Navigate to Clear Data and press OK
  • Follow the remaining on-screen instructions

3.  Change the Time and Date on Your TV

If you have issues with opening your YouTube app on a Sony TV, you might have to adjust its time and date. After all, the wrong figures can mess up the internet connection and stop your YouTube app from working.

You can learn how to set the date and time from the manual that comes from your TV. But if you can’t find the material, the following steps can help you adjust the clock on the latest 2020 models.

  • Launch Settings on your Sony TV
  • Click System — Date & time
  • Click Automatic Date & Time and choose ON

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes your data connection might be the reason for your Youtube problem. But before switching your WiFi service provider, check the current level of your data connection by using the following tips:

  • Launch Settings on your Sony TV
  • Choose Network and Internet
  • Click on Advanced Settings – Check Connection – Choose Yes
  • Allow the Network Diagnosis to be complete

If the results show that your WiFi is not turned on,

  • Hit the Settings – System Settings – Setup – Network – Built-in Wifi – Select ON

5. Turn Off Twitch

Asides from Youtube, the Twitch app can provide various streaming content for its users. But if both apps are used at the same, then the Youtube app might crash.

You can skip this scenario by force-stopping the Twitch app. Then launch the Youtube app to check if the method work.

6. Update Your Sony TV Software

Running on any older Sony TV software can disturb your access to the YouTube channel. But with the latest firmware, you can deal with any glitches that can cause problems and enjoy several improvements.

For this reason, it is advised that you frequently upgrade the firmware of your Sony TV. To get the latest updates, remember to enable the Automatic Software feature on the device. If you do not know how to complete this task, check the owner’s manual of your TV.

7. Try A Power Reset

With a power reset, you can remove any glitches that might stop you from watching Youtube. Although the method works well, it will wipe out your data and restore the factory settings on your TV. But if you synced your apps before the process, you should save everything.

8. Pull Out the Plug

A quick restart should also resolve any Youtube issues that you might have on your Sony TV.  To use this method, simply remove the plug from the wall for a few minutes. Then plug in the TV and check if the app works.

9. Ring Up the Sony Customer Service

If our ideas do not work with your TV, then it might be time to reach out to the Sony Customer service. Asides from offering great advice for Sony TVs, this service can offer professionals that can help solve the Youtube problem. You can reach this service via email or telephone.

How to Get Other Apps Apart from YouTube on Your Sony TV

If you want more streaming apps like Twitch or on your TV, you can download them from the Google Playstore. Now here are the general steps for performing these tasks:

  • Navigate to the Google Playstore
  • Search for the app on the Search Bar
  • Choose the app and press Install
  • Choose Accept